Sunday, August 02, 2015

Ethics and Governance

Our left wing moonbat Marxist Poultry has shown why radical lefties are not fit morally or mentally for government service. The basic inability to perceive the magnitude of the heinous crimes of Lois Lerner and her pack of flunkies at the IRS. These crimes exceed anything imagined in Watergate and Lerner deserves to be severely punished. The refusal of the administration to honestly investigate this matter leads me to the belief that this scandal goes way beyond Lerner.

Federal employees undergo a variety ethics training. There are videos that get played to federal employees every year.Lerner as a top manager would have definitely viewed the basic videos and likely have had advanced training. As an attorney is held to a higher standard of conduct for these flagrant violation of ethics.

Federal Employees are deservedly held to high standards of personal integrity. When one accepts the job one understands the extra sense of obligations that come with Federal employment. If a federal employee takes a second job it must be cleared. Federal employees can be fired for crimes unrelated to their job. If there is any arrest beyond a simple traffic violations it must be reported to mission support.

On the job the employee must apply the laws across the board. Any hint of bias is dealt with swiftly. Bias is often not understood easily. I asked our expert about a real case. Two people were arrested for cigarette smuggling, one from Mexico and the other from Lebanon. On the latter, the officer must do additional inquiries as a pattern of crime
Is already well established. Doing these enhanced questions with no indication the person across the desk is illegal profiling.

The IRS group in question was not dealing with meaty issues of criminality. In fact the rare incedence that charities
are involved in criminality are some of the Muslim charities that were not targeted. Lerner targeted Conservative and
Pro Israel groups for additional scrutiny. The sole basis for this additional scrutiny was Lerner objected to the politics of those groups.

The abuse included illegal requests for donor lists. The donors were subsequently harassed by the IRS. Of course the
Duck who still whines about Stalanists being denied work sees nothing wrong with a government agency abusing conservatives and people who support Israel with IRS audits. The cases were held up for years by agency obstructionism. Contrary to the Obama excuse, resources had nothing to do with the abuses. The cases could have been easily approved with less expenditures.

No doubt the Duck would be screaming if the officers discriminated against gays or Muslims. The abuses of the IRS were motivated by the pure malice and lack of ethics of Lerner. She deserves to have her name placed on the same page
in the history books as Benadict Arnold. Abusing your authority to pursue advance a political agenda is a heinous crime.

Poultry has ignored the facts and made absurd claims that there was no crimes committed by the IRS. Not even the arch criminal Lerner would advance that claim. If this is true why awkwardly invoke the fifth amendment and go through games with emails. The pressure on the IRS is occurring from lawsuits from the aggrieved parties, notably Judicial Watch. A pattern of Obstruction of Justice is evident and one of the judges is contemplating holding the head of the IRS in contempt of court.

As these crimes are monumental in their scope and strike at the heart of the basic foundations of our government the reactions should be severe. A RICO case should be brought against Lerner and every member of the IRS division that handled the tax exempt organizations. If there is evidence that State officials conspired with Lerner they should be charged as well.

Lastly the employees of the IRS should be punished for the crimes of Lerner. Anyone eligible for retirement for the next ten years should be mandated to leave. Step increases and pay raises should be with held until employees testify against Lerner. Unlike the budget shutdown the employees should not be compensated later.

Lerner should have her passport confiscated. After all of this is done it is fairly likely that she would flee the country. Her pension and assets should be seized, but her spouse should be spared by divorcing Lerner thus he could keep assets held jointly.

If the prosecution of these crimes seems severe, the monumental nature of Lerners crimes against the American people
need to be considered. There is no excuse for the gross abuse of power of Lerneer and her cronies. The American people need to have complete confidence in the professionalism of all of its civil servants, especially those working
at the IRS.


Ducky's here said...

Quite a screed, Beak. Let's point out where you're off the rails.

1. I enjoy your rants on Federal employment rules since we have all been following DHS' attempts to get you to quit for several years. But you know the ropes.

2. The group involved in the reviews is SPECIFICALLY TASKED with reviewing the applications for tax exempt status. They broke no law. Again, it is their freaking function to review applications for tax exempt status.
Your experience as an "officer" is not relevant.

3. Organizations the "support Israel" are not exempt from review. It may come as a surprise to Beak that they aren't even exempt from U.S. law.
But it does provide the necessary insight into why you are getting ready to pop a vessel over this.

4. There was no discrimination. More conservative groups were reviewed because an exceptional number of conservative groups were working this tax dodge.

5. Conspired to do what? Correctly apply the tax laws?
Remember, the organizations apply for tax exempt status. They can expect that application to be reviewed (even if they support Israel although we all know you expect those groups to be given a pass).

6. @Beak --Lastly the employees of the IRS should be punished for the crimes of Lerner.
More proof you are utterly insane.

7. Judicial Watch is a conspiracy site that accomplished nothing more than showing that some contributors were also audited individually.
They did NOT ESTABLISH causation. Causation, look it up Beak because it's clear you don't understand the word's meaning.

Now go drink some Diet Dew and eat some junk food.
This was your most unintelligible, delusional rant yet.

beakerkin said...

1 Once again you fail to note that professional arbitrators and judges ruled in my favor. The person responsible has been in the rubber room for five years.

Don't let facts ruin a communist rant.

2 Once again you prove communist are not capable or rational discussion. People who administer law are supposed to do so without bias. The fact that Conservatives and Pro Israel groups were singled out for adverse treatment is a violation of ethical standards.

The fact that you can't grasp this simple concert is proof of your reduced IQ. In order to be a commie one must not be able to discern facts and be impervious to logic and be amoral.

beakerkin said...

3 More proof of your blasé antisemitism. Of course no additional scrutiny went to the George Soros or Communist front groups. No additional scrutiny went to Muslim charities that are frequently linked to terror.

4 Blatant lie. This is why the key words TEA Party were used as a search criteria.

5 There is evidence that the conspiracy extended outside the IRS to other Federal Agencies and State Counterparts.

beakerkin said...

6 This is funny coming from a commie who talks about Police Departments being unwilling to police themselves. The IRS needs to clean its house or be punished for Lerners crimes. No doubt when the pressure is turned up Lerners cohorts will sing. If they don't outraged coworkers will hurl more abuse at Lerner and her co conspirators

The agency needs a deobamuninization and to be run like a professional agency. This crime exceeds Watergate.

7 An apologist for every enemy Of the United States and hard core antisemite does not determine what is or is not a conspiracy site. They have won many battles in Court and they will have the last laugh on Lerner. Lerner will become a campaign issue.

beakerkin said...

Lastly you have not acknowledged fairly basic facts. Your refusal to acknowledge facts is on a par with Holocaust Denial. Lerner herself admitted the targeting. Yet the Duck sees it imperative to defend Hugo Chavez style governance.

You know less than zero about federal ethical standards. You have shown why communists are not suited for governmental service. As you are an amoral statist you lack the judgement and moral compass for Federal Service.

Mike's America said...

Wow! Ducky is as delusional as Elmwood.

Conservatives were not targeted? Can Ducky really be that willfully uninformed?

Read the Inspector General's letter to learn that progressives were NOT targeted but that Tea Party types WERE:

But you keep right on lying to yourself Ducky if that's the only way you can get through the day. You're just not fooling anyone else.

Now, can we get on to the Federal Judge ordering State Dept. and Hillary under threat of perjury to turn over ALL the relevant emails and explain the private server business?

Or does Ducky want to take that one down the Kook hole too?