Sunday, August 09, 2015

The Cowardly Cocktail Party Commisar Zitver shelves the Schumer break with Obama at Harry's Place of Obamunists

One of the oddities of the web is that every left of center antsemite is an Obama man. Most of these Obsma fans are foreign, but their obsession with Jews is predictable. The Bird Brained Poiltry merely mocking bird style repeats the lines of these morons because he identifies with every enemy of Americs while railing about Jews.

There has been no coverage of the Schumer Obama split. Last we checked a Semator is elected to represent his state and is not a vassal of the President. If any criticism is warranted it is against Democrats leading their party off a cliff. Note the verbose pothead Mayor who talks about everything is not saying a word.

The cowardly Zitver merely has fondue and cocktails while waxing off incoherently about Gore Vidal and how to spin a world where Obama has a clue.

Other than Michael Ezra and sometimes Sarah there is no reason to read Harry's Place as it has devolved into the Obamunist Cocktail Party under the reality impaired Zitver.


Ducky's here said...

Their obsession with Jews is predictable but you're complaining that there is no thread on the Obama/Schumer split?

You aren't even coherent.

Mike's America said...

It would only be news for a top party official to buck the president of the same party if that party is the Republican Party.

Obama getting dumped on by top dogs like Schumer and the top foreign policy Dems in the House won't get anywhere near the coverage it would if they had an "R" after their name.