Sunday, August 30, 2015

Obama lectures Jews

The antisemitic clown in the White House created the Nadler mess. Obama needed to pressure a real Jew Nadler into going along with his insane plans to have Israel annihilated in a nuclear war. Nadler was immediately and deservedly
attacked by his constituents as Kapo. Unlike Election Day frauds Feinstein and Boxcar Bertha in CA, Nadler was the genuine article. He is no longer the genuine article and chose loyalty to a power mad Nero president over the will of
His constituents.

The Obamaphiles need to pay for their perfidity and a Hitler salute followed by a shunning is appropriate. Lefties feel perfectly fine calling Schumer a real Jew all sorts of names. The failed messiah if he were a man would apologize to Nadler for ruining his reputation in his community forever. His failure and turning his back on his community will have consequences for the remainder of his days.


Ducky's here said...

Or maybe it's possible that he put aside blind emotion and decided that the agreement is in Israel's best interest by avoiding nuclear proliferation in the middle east.

There is considerable support for that position in Israel itself.

Oh, did you notice that Schumer got bitch slapped and probably killed his chances for senate majority leader (thankfully)?

beakerkin said...

Putting away blind loyalty to an insane antisemitic President Is a smarter move.

I will personally Hitler salute Rabbi Rick Jacobs and greet him as Kapo Rick Jacobs. He is no longer a Jew.

Ducky's here said...

What the hell does Rick Jacobs have to do with the nature of the Iran agreement?

Interesting that you are so deranged you can decide who is or isn't a Jew.
You made more sense when you ere ready to fight in Guyana. What's happening with that?

beakerkin said...

When the bullets fly I will be there. I will give the Chavezistas a lesson they will never forget.

Jacobs is a Kapo who knowingly sold out Israel and guaranteed a nuclear war all for the cause of helping the insane Dear Leader.

He is no longer a Jew

Ducky's here said...

Bad news today, eh Beak?

The Iran agreement has enough supporting votes.
Flipping Schumer the digit is a huge bonus.

beakerkin said...

That is not bad news. He has forced the traitors into the open. All the people who voted for it get Hitler salutes.

Kapo Rick Jacobs will be dealing with outrage at home. There comes a time when humiliation
and abuse will not be worth it.

Whatever Republican will tear it up and all of the illegal Obama executive orders

Mike's America said...

Obama and the Dems OWN this Iran deal. But five or ten years from now will they be held accountable for this? Have they EVER been held accountable for the consequences of their actions?

If libs had their way the Berlin Wall would still be up and the world under the constant threat of a full nuclear war. Has anyone ever called them to account for those policies? They didn't even give Reagan credit for winning the Cold War.

Delusion, Denial and Dems....DDD add a 4th D for DUMB!