Sunday, August 30, 2015

Laughing at myself

There was an arrest in my office and I was injured. Naturally people assumed it was in an altercation with the aplicant. Not only is that not true, the applicant who was later arrested was a perfect gentleman. I was pinch hitting with my new boss who made the arrangements. Had I pulled out of the interview the arrest would have been compromised. I took a Motrin and did the last two interviews.

The top boss asked why I waved off removal to the nurses office and continued. In seven years I have never failed to complete an assignment. No matter how sick or in pain I would hold out till a review day to rest. Even in the CSU I made my assignments until the boss there told me to take a five day rest. Formally, I was on call in case of an emergency. There have been days where I was off except for a strategic meeting to wrap up a case and got a full day's work thrown at me. In one instance I told the boss, my guy first then everyone else.

My place is especially brutal but I earn my keep and make things entertaining. Oddly I am losing my reputation as a boss killer.When one of the bosses went haywire my response was caustic but muted.My response was if I took out a leger pad you would see this slight is unwarranted. Alas I have too much class to cross words with you over this matter.It was the mildest rebuke of about eight fights that supervisor had. The Director laughed at my measured sarcasm. I told her I am too old for much more than a quip or two.


Ducky's here said...

There was an arrest in my office and I was injured.

Paper cut?

beakerkin said...

Sprained shoulder

Mike's America said...

If you were John Kerry you would have demanded a Purple Heart!

beakerkin said...

True. I felt bad about that arrest. He was a good man who made lousy choices. Whatever he did was beyond my help. All I could do was grant him what he sought for his family