Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Monumental Stupidity

It is rare when a clueless sort gets jokes totally over their head. A former coworker reminded me of a classic exchange in VT with a local.

Z: Hey Beakerkin, we got a word for men like you that like theatre, read art books and worked in women's fashions.

B: cultured?

Z: No you moron its faggot.

B: I worked with enough guys with pinkie rings and ankle bracelets to discern the difference between a tough guy and a punk.

Z: Pinkie rings and ankle bracelets dude you're flaming.

B: A regular Mensa member

Z: Is that where your flaming friends meet

B: I will reduce this to your IQ level bag boy. Bag this.

It is absolutely priceless when a clod is so overmatched that the next sound out of his mouth is duh.


Michael said...

This absolutely never happened.

beakerkin said...

If you say so. It is A well remembered exchange that was witnessed by many.