Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lerner cries victim and spouts ignorance

Once again the arch criminal Lois Lerner is crying victim. If the new documents uncovered by Judicial Watch are accurate this conspiracy spread to the DOJ and FBI. Lerner should be looking at RICO charges and jail without the possibility of parole for her crimes against the American People.

Her comments about Abe Lincoln are even stupider than the garbage usually said by Ron Paul lunatics. Her idiotic comments that Lincoln should have let the South go so we could have a left wing utopia.

Lerner is crying about her treatment at the hands of those evil Republicans. Every utterance reveals a lack of remorse or comprehension of the magnitude of her crimes. The crimes exceed anything imagined by Nixon and a RICO trial would last well beyond the Obama administration. Those that conspired with Lerner should not be spared.

There should be mandatory retirements at the IRS and the culture needs overhaul. There is zero room for abuse of authority at any level of the government.


beakerkin said...

Duck don't know where your comment went. This is about abuse of power and your failure to grasp this shows why lefties do not belong in government.

Her actions violate a basic trust. Then again as a person who has defended similar criminality in Venezuela you are a Commie Bird Brain.

Always On Watch said...

Lerner is a pariah in the neighborhood where she lives. Hell, she can't even walk her dog without being heckled.