Sunday, August 16, 2015

Disgusting Hypocrites

The left does beat up on some companies. However, it gives a largely free pass to Amazon and its Neanderthal tyrant for conditions that are a cross between a mental hospital, a sweatshop and a gulag. Sorry, but maintaing a system where employees can snipe behind the backs in the shadows lends itself to workplace bullying. There is reasonable work hours and commitment to a job. Pretty much Bezos had created a high tech plantation. It is okay to demand excellence and dedication, but giving people less challenging work because they are parents or have cancer is
inhuman and illegal.

I will not spend a nickel at Amazon. Bezos represents the worst of aspects of Capitalism. He is pretty much a sociopath with a corporation. Had any of the working conditions described happened at Wallmart the left would be storming the gate. Pretty much the response is Bezos is a jerk now lets get some more goodies.

I have known plenty of people who worked for Donald Trump, Bloomberg and had anyone else displayed such arrogance and
inhumanity it would be in the papers 24/7. The people I know describe demanding but fair bosses. Bloomberg would never dream of coming down hard on an employee for taking time off to care for children. Trump may pop off with the mouth but he treats his people well.

Amazon is at the stage where the Federal government should step in. Either Bezos treats his employees like humans or
The fed breaks up his company into smaller pieces.


beakerkin said...

These practices would never be tolerated by Bill Gates. Furthermore I grew up with someone high up in the chain at Microsoft and he assures me this is 100% false.

As for Apple they did not set about slashing and burning whole sectors and have no record of treating suppliers like dirt

Bezos is an animal. He has reacted to the article
in a predictable manner denial. His distribution centers are sweatshops that burn up and abuse workers. He leases employees so he avoids responsibility for the inhuman standards.

Allowing employees to place annomymous notes in a personnel file is an inhuman practice that allows workplace bullies to run wild.

BB-Idaho said...

I must be one of the 0.001% that never bought anything from Amazon.
My few needs are easily met locally. But I was unpleasantly surprised while watching a network TV business show, that the talking
heads (business experts!!) thought that the brutal treatment of employees by Amazon showed real effort by Bezos and that stocks should rise, buy some. If treating people like crap is good business, there is a bug in the ointment of capitalism, ya know?