Monday, August 10, 2015

Stupid Pothead Marxist Mayor Booed By Dominicans

Add Dominicans to the growing list of people annoyed by Mayor Pithead. He took it upon himself to interject his opinions on internal Dominican policies. Most countries have firm immigration policies. Poor countries can not afford
Unlimited amounts of illegal aliens to drop in. Casting the matter as a racial issue is a progressive mania. Immigration is not nor was it ever a divine right. The need of the Mayor to comment on extraneous overseas issues is just Pothead Progressivism.

I am somewhat disappointed in Col Bernie Sanders. He certainly knows how to verbally dismiss crackpot lefties. He should not be paralyzed by fear by Soros agitators. The Black Lives Matter is a fraudulent group that quotes cop killer Joanne Chessimard. Sanders has no need to apologize to this sort and should have denounced these interlopers as bought and paid for by Soros and Hillary.

These paid clods want to disrupt Republican campaign rallies. We support the right of families to get jobs in a growing economy. We support law enforcement officers who need to be accountable but not crucified for every imagined
Slight.A group venerating a washed up cop killer hiding out in a country that has had Black political prisoners is more a punchline than a serious group. Leave it for Marxist Moron Chessimard to overlook the Black political prisoners in Cuba. Leave it to Obama to avoid having Chessimard repatriated as part of his new Cuban policy.

Black lives matter to Progressives only if they are named Obama or are criminals. Poor people want good jobs, safe streets and schools that educate. On every count Mayor Pothead fails miserably. There is but so long that he can hide
Behind his mixed race family and the word progressive. There is nothing progressive about high crime, a poor local jobs market and incompetence in the board of Ed and their teachers union cronies. A better term for the reign of neglect by the Cannibas Commissar is Oppressive particularly on those he pretends to champion.

My being literally sick all year coincides with the Mayors turning the aggressive homeless onto the streets of NYC. I
Literally have to get up an hour earlier and take a different train. On the way home the entire bus had to crowd in the back because a stinky homeless person with a constant cough was sitting up front. In a city where many segments of the population have immune system issues this can be a major problem. How is it the two previous Mayors had this under control but it takes six months of Marijuana Marxism to return us straight to the Dinkins years.


Ducky's here said...

My being literally sick all year coincides with the Mayors turning the aggressive homeless onto the streets of NYC.

No, it coincides with your unwillingness to see a doctor.

Michael said...

What was happening to the "aggressive homeless" before this?

Ducky's here said...

@Michael --- What was happening to the "aggressive homeless" before this?

They are just returning from attempting to join the Guyanan military.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, when did Joanne Chessimard become a focus of #blacklivesmatter?

I have to ask for an example because you have been known to go off the high side at times.

Mike's America said...

Let's ask "Michael" aka Doc Brainwash once again how he feels about fake rape claims and does that undermine justice and support for ACTUAL victims?

Still waiting for that answer.

As for DeBlasio, I remember what New York was like pre-Rudy. I lived there when I was doing my post grad at Columbia. What a mess.

Progressives claim to care about the poor and mentally ill. How is it caring to live them on the streets without any help?

beakerkin said...

Actually the Duck is more interesting on this one. Bloomburg is a social liberal, but demands accountability from labor.

In essence he is pretty much a competent version of Mayor Pothead without Marxist idiocy.
The Duck swears he isn't a communist but he makes excuses and rationalizes.

The Homeless spread disease. Once again I have caught another cold. Though this one is mild.

Ducky's here said...

I'm curious, Mike.

What assistance did they get from Rudy?

More shelters? Medical care? Drug treatment?
They got nothing unless you count stop & frisk.

Typical fringe right winger blowing smoke out of your ass.
All they get from you is a criminal record for some jive dope bust which makes it much more difficult to find any employment. Nice work, dipstick.

So tell me, what has Mr. Market done for them. Because ever since the Bush administration crashed the economy there numbers have been rising.

Or are you as naive as Beak and think it started with DiBlasio.
Nothing but the pure fringe right stinky cheese. You rock.

Go give Saint Ronnie Raygun's rotten brain tssue a good sniff for inspiration.