Monday, August 24, 2015

Inside The Curtain

I am not a fan of Donald Trump. That being said the NYT piece gives a peek at the workload of Immigration Judges. They are overworked and there are a range of factors. This is the reason I avoid sending marginal cases there. There
is always time for serious criminality and statutory cases. However, I try to send people there only after all the evidence has been considered. Judges never complain about that drug dealer, gang member or sexual predator on their docket.

In fact our investigators have no complaints about going after sexual predators. They typically are more than happy to get them off the street. Assuming Trump wins, ( big if) he probably should provide an incentive for ICE Officers to work 25 years instead of 20. Trump would need to boost staff at the airports and USCIS as well.

On the plus side, Trump is known for results. He will hire only the best and hold everyone accountable. Anything would be welcome from the Obama malaise.

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