Friday, August 07, 2015

Commence Left Wing Bigotry

Our usual Left wing bigots shall commence ranting about Schumers vote against the Iran deal in their usual bigoted terms. I expect Mendez of NJ to be against this deal. Feel free to rant about Cuban Americans while rationalizing Fidel.

We need a real man in the White House. I am tired of pot smoking empty headed narcicists and accomodationist GOP. It's time for Bloomburg. I could care less about Social Liberalism. I want a man who can lead, accountable government
And an actual adult in the White House.

I want a leader who gives a rational answer even when I disagree. I want a leader that supports cops and doesn't stir
The racial pot. I want a person that has been gainfully employed. I want a leader who grasps using the IRS to punish
Foes is an inhuman abuse of power. I want a leader who has been in a truck stop and doesn't ask for arugula. I want someone who doesnt care what the faculty lounge lizards in the sociology dept think.

I want a person of action or the anti Obama.

I will stick with the Govenor who antagonizes labor.


Ducky's here said...

Speaking of labor, when was the last time the EBT queen looked for a job?

beakerkin said...

She works backbreaking jobs for peanuts thanks to Obama. Now you want to blame the masses for poverty caused by Socialist malfeasance.

Have you ever worked a single day in your life outside of a faculty gulag.

No Protocols of the expired Poultry.