Friday, July 31, 2015

Holocaust Denial

The claim of Poultry that there is no IRS scandal is on a par with Holocaust Denial. This is a claim that not even the vile and reprehensible Lois Lerner would make. It also bears mentioning that pro Israel groups were also targeted for abuse by the IRS.

The actions of the IRS at the direction and instigation of Lerner were outrageous. Lerner knowingly abused her authority of her positions to punish those with political views she opposed. This violates every ethical standard of Federal service.

Federal employees take multiple courses on this situation. As an attorney and manager Lerner should be held to a higher standard. She was well aware of her crimes and the actions with the emails amount to tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice. She took the fifth amendment protection in a bizarre manner that call into question her basic competence as an attorney.

I want to point this out to the bird brained poultry. We had several policy changes in regards to gay applicants. Many officers refused to work the new case type. I was accused of being a ringleader of that group. My boss pointed out that actually the reverse was true. I spoke out against this illegal action and took on multiple extra cases so that the public was served.

Actually when the change in policy had been granted I took an unusual step. Like with every other applicant I welcomed the public to my office. I spoke about the policy change and noted that subtle changes to my interview required slight modifications. Actually I was somewhat surprised at how minor the changes were. I think there were minor changes to the word spouse. I got it wrong on the first interview, caught it myself. I think there was one minor error. I joked wrong interview chalk that up to the learning curve and proceeded. The error was minor, but my ability to laugh at myself and genuine honest efforts to welcome the public made the error a mutually comedic point.
In general, the public is not stupid, they know the difference between a sincere person and a hateful jerk.

I spoke multiple times and addressed those few officers who refused to work this case type. In the end the only trouble I had was switching cases with the officers who objected. After a few days management stopped this practice and stated everyone would have to work this case type after specific training.

I did not object to gay marriage. My objection was to a lack of respect for a sector of the public for being themselves. Now admittedly, there are parts of the interview where we joke about all being guys and picking up the check. There was a quip about me being upset with the Mrs for taking hours to select a single item of clothing. I joked with my boss thank god you will never have to endure that. My boss looked at me and said he endures that problem as well. There is a difference between laughing at common experiences and laughing at people. Thus joking about picking up the check devolving into martial arts is something all guys can relate to.

Lerner abused her position in a manner to punish those whose politics she objected to. The magnitude of her actions exceeded anything imaginable at Watergate. The asking for donor list and unreasonable requests for evidence, delays and subsequent harassment would be unacceptable to poultry if it were one of his favored groups. This is why poultry lacks the temperament to be a public servant.

Public officials are responsible for applying laws and regulations in a sane manner across the board. There are plenty of times reasonable well intentioned parties can disagree. I had a dispute with another agency involving bank records donated by an ex girlfriend could be released to another agency. The matter was resolved after a short discussion with two sets of attorneys. The questions were related to privacy and unsolicited evidence.

The tone of Poultry indicates why he and many other extreme lefties lack the decorum and moral core for public service. Why does he bring up the subject of Pollard to a Jewish officer. This is normal behavior for Poultry who has an Elmer Fudd style obsession with Jews who support the State of Israel. Good Jews are religious cultists who are on the dole who share his obsession. Good Jews are Communists who by the nature of who and what they are have ceased being Jews. These are small vocal and despised minorities within the community. Poultry has a blatant history of using racist epithets at Black Conservatives as he regularly calls Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah and Clarence Thommas Slappy.


Ducky's here said...

Let's review for Beak:

1. Reviewing organizations applying for tax exempt status is a legal mandate of the IRS. This, believe it or not, applies to pro Israel groups.
There is no scandal.

2. Comparing this to Holocaust denial is absolutely asinine.

3. Stories about your life as an "officer" are not relevant.

4. You are delusional, Beak.

beakerkin said...

1 The question is not nor has it ever been if a job was tasked to the IRS. The agency abused
Its authority to harass people whose political views were unpopular with Lerner. This is classic abuse of power.

2 Your denial of well established facts is on s par with Holocaust Denial. Lerner took the fifth
Because nothing was there. The computers and emails magically crash on cue.

Lerner herself admitted the crime. The pervasive nature of the crime exceeds Watergate.

3 You are not smart enough to understand professional ethics. Officers who opposed gay marriage refused to work those cases. It was a small but vocal sub group. I personally led the effort to get those cases worked. The notion of mistreating the public is abhorrent to me. Eventually management stopped the practice and told the officers they can not switch cases merely because someone was gay. The officers were correctly ordered to put their opinions to the side and be professional.

4 You would be screaming McCartyism if Communist groups were forced to give up donor
Lists and donors were harassed.

You are a hypocrite

Mike's America said...

The news that IRS specialists found Lois Lerner's hard drive might have been deliberately damaged should have set off alarm bells but no.... AND we learned that the drive's data MIGHT have been recovered but no attempt was made to do so. Instead it was destroyed.

Ducky, I suggest you avoid reading the above link. It may cause you pain to realize how badly you have been manipulated and lied to.