Monday, July 20, 2015

No blood for oil

Now that the criminal regime in Caracas is threatening a peaceful neighbor over a border dispute settled over 100 years ago the silence on the left is deafening. The failure of lefties to condemn this naked aggression by a criminal
Regime is proof of their dual loyalties to the enemies of the USA. Ordinarily, I would not point this out, however as
Lefties themselves do this with Jews who support Israel a taste of their own hypocrisy is deserved.

We need to start peppering lefties with constant harangues based on their support of a criminal regime. Feel free to give lefties a taste of their own medicine.


Ducky's here said...

The oil dispute involves offshore claims that have been in dispute and never settled.

What would you suggest, Beak? Unilaterally award the drilling rights to Guyana?
That doesn't seem to be a proper decision.

So far my impression of Guyanese doesn't generate much sympathy for their position.
Multi generational welfare households full of alcoholics don't generate sympathy.

beakerkin said...

The matter has been settled more than 100 years ago. This is Communist agression against a sovereign State.

I will explore every legal avenue to fight for Guyana. If I can't fight I will find other methods to assist.

Killing communists makes the planet a better place. In that Jungle the forces of Marx could meet their own Vietnam. It will be like the Americsn Revolution again. Snipe take out officers

Michael said...

"If I can't fight I will find other methods to assist."

Ah, yes. We already see you cracking open the escape valve. That didn't take long.

beakerkin said...

I did inquire about the situation. The nature of my work makes the decision difficult. My career or defend my people from communist agression. Should the matter get closer I will make this decision with my family

You seem to mistake me for someone else. I have never expressed genocidal tendencies towards Pseudostinians. Killing Communists invaders on Guyanese soil is aattet of defense
of a sovereign nation against Communist Hegemony. Protecting members of my family against Communists is no laughing matter

There is no defense for the communist agression against a sovereign people

Ducky's here said...

Beak, this is serious.

It really sounds as if you are mentally ill.
This is the same language jihadists use.

beakerkin said...

When is defending the land of your family's people I'll. Communist invade the country of my family picking up a rifle is defense of my family.
Unlike Rachel Corrie this is the land of my family.

If you are claiming a man defending the sovereignty of his family's country from Communist agression is ill what does this say about your left wing icons who wander the globe sticking their nose into others business like Rachel Corie or Lori Berenson.

This is the land of my family and I am willing to do my part. What is curious is why you refuse to condemn the illegal actions of a criminal regime against a sovereign nation. It is apparent that you have loyalty issues.

Ducky's here said...

Looks like Beak enlisted.

beakerkin said...

Got no issues with Arabs. Israel can defend itself amply. I want to aid Guyana against Communist agression

Michael said...

"I want to aid Guyana against Communist agression."

Then shut up and do it. Put your money where your mouth is.

Ducky's here said...

Really, Beak, isn't the destruction of the homes of unarmed poor more your speed than jungle combat against a well trained military?

And without you, how would Cheekie get her Gummi Bears?
Maybe her father would step up?

beakerkin said...

Killing Communist invaders on Guyanese soil is my thing. Venezuela doesn't have enough without violating internatiional law.

Ducky's here said...

Beak do you kick in for your "family's" rent or are you sponging off taxpayers in a Section 8 apartment?

Just curious.

Question: Has anyone actually in invaded Guyana?
What if the U.N. rules against Guyana?

What is this neurotic obsession you have about considering yourself Guyanese?

beakerkin said...

My family does not live in an appartment or receive section 8. Your racist condescending view of my family is interesting. You have called American Conservatives racist for far less than the tones you have directed at my family.

Secondly as a communist who throws taxpayers
Money away you are suddenly becoming a cheapskate when it comes to my family. These programs exist for a reason. Are you opposed to all of the illegal aliens who get transfer payments. You must choose between Marx or Mr Beamish. If you choose the latter it is a form of self improvement.

beakerkin said...

I live in a Guyanese family, in the Guyanese community and participate in Guyanese community events. These are not options but facts. I have Guyanese family and unlike your lefty interlopers these are long term relationships. Do you similarly criticize lefties like Lori Berenson who had no such interest and committed crimes against the Peruvian people.
This is also curious comming from those who have pathological obsessions with Israel.

The matter was decided 100 years ago. The UN has no business ruling on a matter that is settled law for over 100 years. Any ruling against Guyana would be proof of the corruption At the UN.

Venezuela is threatening a smaller neighbor with a Black led government. These threats should be taken seriously. Communist agression against sovereign states should not be tolerated. As my family lives in Guyana picking up the gun is defending my family. Killing Communists threatening my family is a duty.

It is against the law to join Guyanese military. There are a range of other options ranging from non combat support to a more active role. In that hellish terrain one man can make the life of an army miserable. The jungle is very dense and irregular units would have a field day.

Obama is on his way out. Agression of a communist country against a poorly armed neighbor would kill the Clinton campaign. Oddly what reaction Bernie Sanders might have is entirely unknown as he has an independent streak you lack.