Friday, July 03, 2015

The truth hurts

This is an adult conversation for Americsns. If you are clearly not American or have no respect for our history or traditions, this is not the post for for you. On this post the only lefties who will be allowed to comment are Ducky
And BB. We will publish those comments from those outside the USA who have demonstrated a respect for our history and traditions.

Immigration offers many challenges to the host country. The comments of Trump are crude, but they do contain enough elements of truth that should be discussed. Ann Coulter in her publicity circus mode taps into some of the same questions. We are not diplomats at this blog. However, we are going to discuss it from an entirely different perspective.

Americans should respect people from other cultures. Our values include tolerance of different religious and cultural
Customs. While we should respect these cultures there are lines about our own culture that also need to be firmly respected. Respect is a two way street and right now it appears that respect for our laws and traditions are lacking.
Immigration is not a divine right. It is an honor granted by the American people provided you comply with a set of rules and in some instances make a compelling case.

That being said the first and foremost part is public safety. There is no excuse for the flagrant disrespect for the law. Those immigrants who come in and have five disorderly conducts need to go home. Now I am not talking about deporting every immigrant with a joint. However, when you are talking about five arrests excluding idiocy like littering or parking tickets you are a recidivist and don't need to be here.

In essence the administration has set the bar way too high for deportation. The Federal government has refused to do its job enforcing the laws and has forced municipalities to pay the bills for social services and incarceration.
The costs of incarceration, education and social welfare are staggering. It is cheaper to buy first class plane tickets than to pay for educational costs.

There is also the matter of family law and community standards. In some cultures it is acceptable for a thirty year old to romance a young teen. Any law enforcement officer is familiar with these cases. Too often kindly judges error and wink and nod at this vile behavior. This is swept under the rug with hasty marriages and it needs to change. Behavior of this type should be met with swift deportation. If you want to engage in this type of behavior go home and do so. People convicted of this crime should be barred from entering the country for life. In general the laws are way too lax for pedophiles. There are communities where this behavior is widely practiced. Our community standards are not to be disrespected by politically correct judges with no regards to public safety or community standards.

There are places where polygamy is perfectly legal. If you can not respect our laws and traditions there are plenty of places to go. Now there are those who compare polygamy with gay marriage. Two consenting adults is quite different than a group situation.

The Obamunist media is negligent in its reporting on the entire DACA story. Both Republicans and Democrats have allowed the Temporary Status Protection Program. The same countries that have been awarded TPS have the unaccompanied
kids crossing the border. The TPS program needs to be overhauled and other than war a three year limit followed by a return to their country of origin for five years. If a person applies for any other benefit it is double the cost.

Hispanic leaders are demanding Republicans distance themselves from Trump. He is guilty of stating a basic truth about a serious problem in blunt terms. All of these countries are guilty of crass hypocrisy given their own policies on illegal immigration at home. Moreover, being in the USA without a visa or overstaying a visa is still a crime. I have no patience for criminality and even less for those who weren't supposed to be here in the first place. Respect is a two way street and it is apparent that many of the leaders in the Latino community think immigration is a right.
It is an honor granted by following a set of rules.

There are plenty of criminal aliens and green card holders who need to depart. They have failed to comply with the laws of the land. Moreover, politicians of all kinds need to be held accountable for TPS, our joke of an Asylum system and DACA.

It is time to end our family based system with anchor babies and brides. It is time to scrap TPS and overhaul asylum.
It is time to limit endless motion and appeals and fee waivers. All of these excesses are not enough for the left.

Public safety is the first job of government. It's time all of us remembered that.

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beamish said...

Why not just void the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, resume the war and annex the rest of Mexico and secure the much smaller Guatemalan border? Everyone between there and the Rio Grande would become US citizens (or they can build casinos on reservations) while we make copper cheap enough to make into pennies again.