Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Obama Stupidity

The recent comments of Obama on the IRS scandal rank up there with the most ignorant comments of a President in modern history. The President had denied the scandal and then tries to blame any issues on Republicans for lack of funding. The IRS is not nor has it ever been underfunded. Look at the bonuses awarded Lerner and the travel and training budgets that put any other agency to shame.

There is ample evidence Lerner conspired with outside agencies. In this case, we are facing the Federal equivalent of the Blue Wall of silence. Congress should place an immediate pay and hiring freeze on the IRS until the workers step forward and testify against Lerner. If Lerner thought she was hated before let her coworkers feel it in their pay checks. If Lerner had an ounce of ethics, she would spare her coworkers. She has no ethics and continues to play victim. Her actions are a text book example of abuse of power and violate every ethics law on the book. Lerner as a lawyer should be held to a higher standard and should spend the rest of her life in jail with violent criminals.


Always On Watch said...

Why does BHO spew crap like this?

Ducky's here said...

There is no IRS scandal. Get over it.

You should be in a better mood, Beak.
That piece of human crap, Pollard the Traitor, is being paroled.
Meanwhile Ed Snowden who did a valuable service for the American people
has to live in exile.
But I suppose this still serve you idea of justice.

Meanwhile, IRS -- no scandal. All over.

Don't worry, your man Trump (Giuliani with a bad hairpiece) said he thinks
Sarah Palin would make a good cabinet member.
Cue the Twilight Zone music. The right is certifiable.

President Clinton -- get user to it.

beakerkin said...

This comment is on a par with Holocaust Denial. The Internal Revenue Service admitted the scandal. After mountains of evidence you still deny the obvious. Even Obama does not deny Conservatives were targeted, he blames

Funny a communist who gets bent out of shape when should be careful about calling someone a traitor. That term could apply to any 60s radical. Glad Pollard got Jail time. Where is the jail for Bill Ayers and Lois Lerner.

Lerner knowingly betrayed a public trust. Maybe
Show trials with shrieking prosecutors and predetermined outcomes work for you. The crimes of Lerner exceed Watrrgate.

Explain to me in detail how Trump on his worst day could do worse than Obama. Obama is not s leader and is stupid.

Michael said...

Were any Right-Wing groups denied tax-exempt status because of the "scandal?"

Ducky's here said...

@Beak --- This comment is on a par with Holocaust Denial.

Beak, don't make a fool of yourself.

Evidence? What evidence?
Groups were investigated to determine their qualifications for tax free status which is a legal function of the IRS. What scandal?

Outside agencies? You're on drugs. What outside groups?
Come on, put up.

But Holocaust Denial? Really, just dumb.

Michael said...

"Funny a communist who gets bent out of shape when should be careful about calling someone a traitor."

I find it interesting that you are arguing about whether or not Pollard is a traitor.

beakerkin said...

Pollards actions were illegal, but the information
Was passed to an ally. You as a communist should be careful about pointing fingers. You regularly side with every enemy of the U.S.

Where do you read a defense of Pollard in that.
Communists have a lengthy history of treason.
Mathematics indicate you are exponentially more apt to various general public.


Lerner admitted the targeting. You are seriously
In Holocaust denier mode.

Mike's America said...

Ducky, if an 18 minute gap in Nixon's White House tapes was a scandal then surely a hard drive that was deliberarely destroyed but potentially carrying clear evidence of a campaign to target conservatives using the IRS IS a scandal.

Oh, but I forgot... it's only a scandal if a REPUBLICAN is the one doing it. Right?

Ethics and law mean nothing to you people. Power is everything and you'll do anything to get it.