Monday, July 27, 2015

President Pothead

Our cowardly President has deemed it appropriate to lecture Africans about gay rights and women's rights. He does not have the courage to make a similar speech in Saudi Arabia. In fact he has made a nuclear arms deal with the most backwards country on earth for gay rights and leading sponsor of terrorism.

Let John Gomer Kerry make a speech in Teheran about respecting gays, non Muslims, women and sponsoring terrorism. In the mad world of Gomer Kerry all of the Death to the USA is just flowery rhetoric. I would not be shocked if Col Bernie Sanders does not support this treaty. Sanders may be on the left, but is not as obtuse as Obama. He is also more honest and intellectually independent then Obama. If Onama ran on immigration reform and busting up mostly far left Lilly white enclaves he would have increased the midterm massacre even more.

The papers can correctly ascribe all types of motives to the theatre shooter. Yet a Psuedostiniam texting Koran quotes with a ZZ Top beard is depressed.

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