Thursday, July 02, 2015

Bikers vs Commies

In an amazing development, bikers prevented a flag burning in Brooklyn. If I did not have to work I would have show up with a seltzer bottle. The Commies who were burning the flag to protest police violence had to seek police protection. Our NYPD officers are too honorable to allow a tar and feathering of communist and anarchists even though
they deserve it.

Burning objects is unrelated to speech. It is an incitement designed to provoke and goad people into violence. Note Commies need a variety of items to function. They need a whole bunch of terms and front groups to hide their stench. They abuse these causes and whine it's all about whatever. Thus if scores of people shout base antisemitic comments lefties will reflexively state don't let a few jerks ruin the spirit of whatever. Of course if a single person says the N word at a TEA party function every attendee is guilty. As there were scores of cameras at the event and Elijah Cummings is prone to hypocrisy this event likely did not occur. His behavior in the Lois Lerner matter has tarnished his entire career.

In the next Presidency, the issue of IRS abuse should be discussed. If employees do not come forward the entire agency should be subject to a pay and hiring freeze. Lets see how many of Lerners cronies protect her when paychecks
and careers are on the line. In this case the perfidity at the IRS is so severe anyone who is eligible to retire should be forced out


Michael said...

"If employees do not come forward the entire agency should be subject to a pay and hiring freeze."

You know who else punished groups of innocent people in order to get them to turn in the "guilty" among them? Stalin. Congratulations. You're working straight from the Communist playbook.

beakerkin said...

Obviously you were not sympathetic to denazification.The crimes of Lerner are the most evil and Exceed anything imagined by Nixon.

The IRS needs a denazification after this monumental ethical lapse. People will step forward after bonuses are eliminated, pay is frozen and recent retirees would be included.

Lerner needs to pay for her crimes against the Constitution and be stripped of her pension.

Ducky's here said...

Hey, Officer Beak, any comment on the ta exempt status of the Council of Conservative Citizens.
They're a community service organization. Their last neighborhood effort was at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston. Dylann Roof was a big fan.
Odd the IRS granted a conservative hate group tax exempt status.

But why not explain what you feel is the great transgression by the IRS.
My guess is that it involves delayed tax exempt status to some hate group killing Palestinians in the West Bank.

@Beak - Burning objects is unrelated to speech.

Not according to the Supreme Court.
And just a few posts back you were strutting your knowledge of the law.
Try again.

beakerkin said...

The Supreme Court makes plenty of errors. You a big fan of Dred Scott.

Burning objects is not speech, it is arson and incitement. Of Course if it were Korans you might be singing another tune. I don't like burning books, but Commies and Nazis are more prone to burning books than reading them.

Looking for an anomaly like a Holocaust Denier.
Lerner is the embodiment of evil and her actions are worse than Benadict Arnold.

Cry me a river about Unemployed Stslinists.

Michael said...

The "embodiment of evil?"

beamish said...

The Council of Conservative Citizens is as conservative as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is democratic.

beakerkin said...

The Duck is a hypocrite. If he found an official targeting Muslims he would be saying exactly the opposite quotes.

Abusing your oath of office for partisan gain is a basic and serious violation of the law. Lerner was well aware of the laws she broke. She needs to spend the remainder of her days with hard core criminals.

Ducky's here said...

So Beak, which hate group do you feel was sighted by Lerner?
Did your buddy Geller lose her tax exempt status? Tell us about it.

Of course no one targets Muslims in this country, especially in New York.
Get real.
Bringing Holocaust denial into this is low even for you.

But as usual you are blinded by emotion and drifted with Beamish off the rational plane.

beakerkin said...

The comments about Holocaust Denial are not aimed at you. You clearly are an antisemite as this is a core value of Communism.

There is someone on the far left who comments here who is a left wing version of Dale Grinble.
Among his classics are dual loyalty of Jews and Conservatives, Trutherism, the October Surprise for starters. No doubt many of us have dealt with truthers and they are decidedly are anti Semitic. When a person espouses Trutherism with specific overtones it is not too far of a leap to Holocaust Denial. You merely trivialize communist butchery.

beakerkin said...

TEA Party groups and Z street are not hate groups. One can see seething antisemitism in any left wing gathering as well as disrespect for the USA.

Geller is less hateful than the Kefiyah clad clowns that harass Jews in Universities. Gelker is clearly an American with a first Amendment right. I do not approve of draw Mohammed stunts, but it is her right.

BDS members have invaded the personal space of Jews and others. Protest all you wish in a defined area. Do not harass people between classes or in living quarters. Do not disrupt speakers or performances. Restrict your comments to those parts that include audience participation

There is no excuse or rationalization for Lerners crimes. She is worse than Beneadict Arnold.

Michael said...

You have elsewhere suggested that Lerner's entire family be punished for her misdeeds. In this thread, you've said that the entire IRS be punished as a group, even if the overwhelming majority of individuals had absolutely nothing to do with the affair.

If a high-ranking individual in the NYC law-enforcement organization takes actions that I find distasteful, or if such a person violates an oath of office, are you willing to accept punishment via a pay freeze?

At what level do misdeeds warrant such retribution?

Also: were any groups that were subject to further scrutiny by the IRS refused the status they sought?

beakerkin said...

Lerner is the embodiment of evil. Her arrogance in knowingly flouting the laws and oath of office is pure evil. Civil service is an honor bestowed by the American people on a select few.

Her crimes and monumental ethical lapses are the worst case of abuse of power in American history in modern times.

beakerkin said...

NYPD is very serious about combating problems in its ranks. No crime commited in the history of NYPD matches the perfidity of
Lerner. NYPD is a professional organization and does not need a house cleaning.

Lerners crimes and knowingly abusing power
And obstruction of justice exceed anything in modern times. Her crimes and her colleagues
Unwillingness to come forward call for extreme measures. Pay freezes, mandatory retirements for those who are eligible and elimination of bonuses are a starting point. Let's see how many people will allow the crimes of Lerner to impact their finances. The pressure on Lerner will be so grave she will either come forward or remain a pariah.

Most families of criminals grasp the magnitude of the crimes. Lerners crimes are so monumental that her family deserves verbal reminders. This should not be considered a right to threaten. A friendly Middle finger salute and reminder that any comparison to Benadict Arnold is an insult to a man who once was a hero

Those responsible for abuse of authority for. Political motives in the IRS and the obstruction of justice need to be jailed and serve next to the most hardened of criminals.

As you are a commie you likely approve of the all mighty state abusing citizens. Lerner knowingly flouted and abused citizens whose political opinions she differed with and when caught obstructed justice. She needs to pay for her crimes against the Constitution.

beamish said...

I'm going to ruffle feathers here, hehehehe.

The Tea Party is Bernie Sanders if he didn't have a government job.

I don't much care for Mike Huckabee, but he had a good point. We should be asking China (or Lithuania) for Lerner's IRS emails.