Saturday, July 25, 2015

The noblest of creatures

The Maltese is an interesting companion. He never leaves my side. No matter what odd place I sleep he finds me. I slept on the patio he has there. I made a midnight run to the Taco Truck he was there and got an extra meal.

Perhaps with lefties hiking minimum wage to insane levels all we might have in some places are food food trucks. I like them because they are different.


Michael said...

I thought you said that you've been unable to sleep out on the patio because of the Communist-caused violence in your neighborhood.

beakerkin said...

Actually since the switch from Bloomberg to Idiot Communist DiBlassio crime is up. The constant gunfire did not exist in the Bloomberg years.

Michael said...

I don't live in New York. What specific things has de Blasio done that let you know he is a Communist?

beakerkin said...

His history is well known. He has changed police tactics and crime is through the roof.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, that answer is confusing. I assume you refer to relaxing stop & frisk.
Now there have ben some reports of increased violent crime but the duration of the sample is not enough to indicate a trend.
Also, we are in a violent period nation wide and there is no reason NYC should be exempt.

But how does this involve Communism?
Let's repeat the question in multiple choice to make it easier for you to give a straight answer.

Bill de Blasio is a communist because:

1. He advocates state ownership of real property and the means of production.

2. He does not drink Mountain Dew

3. He advocates worker ownership of the means of production.

4. He has not volunteered to fight in Guyana.

5. He has not completely dismantled the social welfare state.

6. He does not wax nostalgic about laundry detergent.

7. He supports the kibbutz system.

Your fans are waiting for an answer.

Michael said...

His history may be well-known to New Yorkers, but I'm not a New Yorker.

"Changed police tactics" is not one of the tenets of Communism. "Crime is through the roof" is not one of the tenets of Communism. What specific things has the guy done that would make Marx say, "Yep; that's my boy"?

beakerkin said...


His support and admiration for Castro and Daniel Ortega are well known.

NYC is large enough that fluctuations in its crime rate create the trends you cite. Stop and Frisk and bashing the NYPD at every opportunity has led directly to the rise in crime.
Drugs are being dealt and used openly and homeless people are all over even in the Financial district and upper class areas. The homeless people aggressively panhandle and bring health problems.

Meanwhile the pothead mayor spends increasing amounts of time on foreign junkets that have nothing to do with NYC. It is a matter of time till Bill Bratton bolts and things really get bad.

The Mayor is booed at every sporting event. He held a ticker tape parade for the woman's soccer team because it is the only one he wont get booed at.

It is lucky for NYC that we have a sane but liberal Govenor who opposes his fiscal irresponsibility. A radio host calls him Obama II.
He was largely elected with his sons Afro and his wife's changing sexual proclivities. Anthony Weiner took up way too much media attention.
The left double crossed Quin because she wasn't lesbian enough. She might have been on the left, but Quinn was not an imbecile like Mayor Pothead.

Even far left coworkers view his election as a mistake. The quality of life in the city is a mess.
Michael Bloomberg is a better leader and administrator than the Pothead. Even when I disagree with him he isn't clueless or a coward
like DiBlassio.

beakerkin said...

Changed Police tactics does conform to the Marcuse variant. Sadly all of these minority loser supporters fail to realize crime hits them first. There is a disconnect between your middle class mostly West Indian Blacks who do not exactly buy into bullshit Bolshevism.

There is the ranting about raising the minimum wage. He will pretty much kill the fast food, resturant and supermarket industries. Those that buy online can shop in NJ and have the orders processed there. Food Trucks will likely replace the fast food places shuttered. I am imagining McDonalds trucks with a smaller menu.

You must be demented if you don't recognize class warfare.

Ducky's here said...

A living wage is class warfare? That's absurd.

@Beak - Changed Police tactics does conform to the Marcuse variant.

What variant? Marcuse pointed out the exact oppression that was being practiced by the NYPD. There's no variant.

@Beak - There is a disconnect between your middle class mostly West Indian Blacks who do not exactly buy into bullshit Bolshevism.

That's incoherent.

Ducky's here said...

@Beak -- NYC is large enough that fluctuations in its crime rate create the trends you cite.

Fluctuations are not trends which is basically what I wrote. Have a couple more Diet Dews and collect your thoughts.

Oh by the way, the minimum wage increase is state not city legislation.
Cuomo is in a position where he's lost support because he's been joining with Christie and being an ass. He's trying to reclaim progressive support. Won't work but he's making a go.
Anyway, #OWS lives on. And you thought it died when the fascists broke up the camp.

Which radio host, Mark Levin? He's known to be insane.

Your case for de Blasio being a commie is pretty weak.
Of course for you anyone to the left of Michael Savage is a commie.

Have another Diet Dew.