Friday, July 24, 2015

Defending My Family

Lefties who visit this blog do not have the class or decency to comment on the illegal threats of agression by a communist regime against the sovereign state of Guyana. It is quite revealing that people who talk in racist stereotypes about dual loyalty will not even consider denouncing the criminal behavior of a communist regime. It appears the usual suspects are devoid of basic morality.

Communists have questioned my right to defend the country of my family from communist agression. I will point out that unlike Rachel Corrie, Lori Berenson and other leftist criminals I do have family in Guyana. I live in a Guyanese
Family in a Guyanese community. I will point out extending this critique are communists who obsess about Pseudostinians as a vehicle to express base populist Jew hatred are revealing themselves to be hypocrites on many levels.

The matter of the border was resolved one hundred years ago. Venezuelans threats are illegal violations of international law. My right to defend my family against communist agression should not be disputed. Sadly the deaths will likely be some peasant and not the political clods responsible for this illegal action.

Unlike lefties I will keep my activities legal. If hostilities start I will do what I can within the confines of the laws of the USA.

My issue is not with the Venezuelan people. My issue is with a criminal regime sending the poor to die for their death cult theology. Venezuela already posses an abundance of oil without threatening its peaceful neighbors. The matter was settled 100 years ago. This is really blood for oil by lefties who rambled this prase falsely at the USA. Of course I don't expect logic or sanity from mindless lefties who reek hypocrisy and are loyal to a death cult.

This Venezuelan militancy just coincides with more economic misery. It is a clear attempt by a criminal regime to boost support despite an economic train wreck caused by Mickey Marxist Malfeasence. It is amusing how hypocritical lefties are when one of their own violates international law.

Scratch yet another failed workers paradise.No doubt lefties will contrive another savior of Marx. Who knows maybe it
Will be Di Blassio


Michael said...

"Communists have questioned my right to defend the country of my family from communist agression."

Incorrect. Stop trying to play the victim card. We're questioning your resolve to do so. You keep shooting off your mouth about going to fight in the conflict. Just go and do it, already.

beakerkin said...

Interesting you keep rationalizing the brutal aggressive threats by a communist regime against a neighbor over a border issue that was settled 100 years ago.

Michael said...

"Rationalizing the brutal aggressive threats?" Not at all. I'm totally with you. Now stop flapping your gums, join up, and kill some Communists. You keep saying that you're going to do it, and you don't follow through. I am FORMALLY ENCOURAGING YOU to join the Guyanese army and fight the Communist aggressors.

Ducky's here said...

The conflict between Guyana and Venezuela has been ongoing.
It was particularly intense in the 60's when there was a centrist government in Venezuela.
On that interestingly enough invested quite a bit in Guyana.

So what do we have here:

1. Despite the fact that you claim to be Guyanan, your sense of the history of the country is lacking and clouded by this blind need you have to see communists under the bed.

2. There has been no military aggression in the current stage of the conflict.

3. Your whining about doing something (so long as you have enough vacation and sick days?) is as insane an overblown as your claim of workplace bullying the time you were overdoes on the Dew.

4. You fail to understand that the only one here obsessed with Israel is you.

Really Beak, none of this is healthy.

beakerkin said...

The border issue was settled 100 years ago. You are defending Communist aggression against the sovereign people of Guyana

No blood for oil

beakerkin said...

1 I don't want to see Communists under the bed. I prefer them pushing up daisies. I live in a Guyanese household in a Guyanese community. My sense of history is unclouded by death cult foolishness.

2 The threats are real enough.

3 The law is quite clear about what I can or can not do. Whether I choose to obey an arbitrary law or defend my family is a serious matter.

My fondness for Mountain Dew is not relevant.
However should the shooting start I will leave the cans as a calling card.

Workplace bullying is a serious matter. You seem to be channeling Mr Beamish again.

4 My dog in these fights is obvious cumwad.
You are consumed with Jew hatred. It is a central part of your Communist faith.

Defending my family is something I take seriously. Warfare in defense of yor family is a serious matter. Killing Communists in defense of ones family is a plus. Sadly the dead will be the poor conscripts rather than the political criminals who treat the poor as human sacrifices to Marx

Michael said...

Do it. Do it now! Go now and kill Communists in Guyana.