Friday, July 10, 2015

The Sanctuary Madness

I want to talk about the current madness about sanctuary cities. In reality I lean towards the sentiments of the original intent of this policy. Genuine advocates of humane treatment of the public in the immigration experience should be treated as humanely as possible. I fought for humane treatment of applicants long before it was fashionable. No immigration advocate or attorney I know has ever supported the insane policy of shielding dangerous criminals. This is a policy that makes no sense whatsoever. Shielding dangerous violent criminals is not progressive, it's insane.

Behind some of the familiar numbers are likely situations that involve recidivist criminals from nations that don't accept their own criminals back. Cuba is notorious for this policy. The question is what do we do with people who have served their time, but don't belong here. Repatriation needs to be negotiated by both governments. Perhaps additional incarnation or tighter supervision is required. This is a serious issue that would be best dealt with by a capable set of leaders, not Obama.

Now we can argue about what is a serious crime. I am not advocating turning over Johny for smoking a joint or a single DWI. Even with minor arrests like disorderly conduct there should be limits. Five minor arrests and out. The system of endless appeals and long dates between hearings needs to be scrapped. Motions on criminal matters should be
Done outside the USA. Mr evocation should be automatic for green card holders and Naturalized citizens. Appeals for people in these categories should have their cases heard domestically. Revoked green card holders should only be allowed to travel once a year for two weeks after paying $1000 dollars with no fee waivers permitted. An additional two trips can be purchased for one thousand. Any departures with a year would be considered self deportation. Revoked citizens would get two free trips and could pay for an additional two.

The notion of wanting crime victims, people with medical conditions and children in school is a sound idea. Sheltering serious criminals is outrageous.


Mike's America said...

As you say: "This is a policy that makes no sense whatsoever. Shielding dangerous violent criminals is not progressive, it's insane."

But then, there are SO MANY unintended consequences of left wing do gooders. Did these same folks ever intend to destroy the black family by offering welfare benefits to single mothers and incentivize them to have even more children to become wards of the state?

The real victims of this left wing policy are the little people the left swears they represent. Criminal illegals killing white Americans is relatively rare but the number who kill their own kind while here in the U.S. is even higher.

The liberal policy of Sanctuary has resulted in the deaths of countless poor and working class people in the U.S.

beakerkin said...

It also shows the difference between an adult liberal Bloomberg and a joke. Under Bloomberg the policy existed but did not shield the Bloomberg days communications between ICE and NYPD was excellent they would come with the convictions in certain cases in hours.

That has ceased with this administration and one needs look no further than a stupid clown Mayor. An officer has send something out of the ordinary gang members or sex offenders to a specialist. The specialist sorts out what gets forwarded. If it were a dire situation and I needed information there was cooperation. Nowadays everything through channels and it is not terrible. The average officer doesn't have my connections. If I am curious because a person is linked to a gang it is better to have full time people look at it closely.