Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Athletes and Domestic Violence

I am syarting to wonder if the wisdom of Ray Rices wife was not factually correct. The massive media campaign against
these athletes is likely causing some victims to go underground. There are likely athletes that are being blackmailed
With photos.

The idea is that the players must go into mandatory treatment yesterday after these crimes. The entire mental health aspect of the NFL really needs to be rethought. It isn't just domestic violence but a sport with seriously disturbed individuals. There are those who say it unfairly punishes Blacks who also make up a large number of the players. There is also family structure and other issues involved.

I want to point at the death of a deservedly mediocre player. Sash largely played on special teams and had a suspension for an ADD drug. In his specific case the drug was likely prescribed by a professional for a serious condition. The NFL needs to grasp that if the drugs are part of a therapy to leave well enough alone. Sash died way too soon and addiction to pain killers was cited.

Getting athletes into treatment and compensating victims or healing families should be the goal.

At least one does not have to worry about Tim Tebow on the police blotter. Then again he was always a better person than athlete but we don't give awards for decency and being an all star human being. I asked my Union Rep why he hates Rosey Grier. Serving the spiritual and mental health needs of the troubled largely quietly should be a role model for all. There is something wrong with us when we celebrate flash and crass like Deon Sanders and miss the work
Of Grier.

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