Sunday, November 01, 2015

Harry's Place Fraud Endorses Hillary

The airhead Bon vivant of the DC fondue and Chablis set has endorsed Hillary. Zitver is more of a pretentious lazy upscale Obama Zombie than a serious thinker. I would respect the clod more if he endorsed Col Bernie Sanders who is at least honest about who he is.

Harry's Place used to be excellent reading. However, the airhead Bon Vivant Zitver has turned a formerly great site into Obama Zombie HQ. His Israeli counter part Marc Goldberg probably deserves some Kudos for writing with a concussion or some other brain impairing malady.

Neither Hillarys terms in the Senate or performance as Secretary of State merit serious consideration for higher office. I don't remember NYC types booing Trump at sporting events or gatherings of fire fighters. This happens when
Lefty frauds pretend to be interested in local events.

After he endorsed Hillary he waxed nostalgically about hanging out with Halston and Capote in Studio 54.

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