Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Billion Dollar Flop

Some of you read the story about USCIS spending one billion dollars to move to paperless adjudication and getting one
Form out of 95. Even that story is not the whole picture. The agency is a cross between a comedy and mad magazine. Cronyism is rampant and the sad truth is management is unaccountable for its actions and failures. EEO cases take four years with endless delays and no real attempt to look at evidence.

Workplace bullying was an accepted practice. It was commonplace and there has been zero training on the subject. The odds of seeing an active shooter are slim but there is annual training. The odds of a worker being bullied are far greater and there is zero training.

Will anyone be held accountable for mess and the others

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Ducky's here said...

If it's so bad why not quit?

Lots of jobs give you the opportunity to slug down the Dew and blare surf music without resorting to "workplace bullying".