Sunday, November 08, 2015

Immigration Insanity

Globally we have a mess caused by the political classes. World wide migration from the third world has transformed from a honor played by a set of rules to an obligation. Once again Muslim countries refuse to settle their own refugees. Turkey and the Gulf states have pushed their problems into Europe and eventually some will be in the USA. In the USA we are also getting waves of Central and South Americans.

Immigration has never been a right. We need to expedite deportations and close loopholes. There is a whole range of reforms needed by Universities and Trade schools. No more Visas without bonds posted and agreements to return barring
Certain science specialists who are exempt. In other words Science, Business and a handful of language specialists stay and everyone else returns. The familiar scam of my Uncle promised my tuition but married a younger woman ends. Even if such students form relationships that are the basis of a green card their status should be altered. Never attended any classes a 20 year bar on sponsoring relatives. Only one year of school a fifteen year bar.
All trips abroad are subject to five hundred dollar tax.

The idea that new arrivals are entitled to hospitality and social services is absurd. Short of basic medical care and very substandard food. Think basic produce with no animal produce. The notion that the red carpet gets rolled out is folly. Minor criminals get repatriated and microchipped. A simple DWI with no status gets a ticket home and a ten year bar. Citizen tests should be toughened and no fee waivers for anyone except military families.

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Mike's America said...

It isn't just that some bleeding heart liberals feel America owes the rest of the world a living, but that they actually want to flood the country with a new generation of people dependent on government and subservient to them.

It's the new "black." An underclass that can be kept poor and scared into voting for their masters who will get richer and more powerful as a result!

Welcome to the new plantation!