Sunday, November 15, 2015

Don't blame Islam for the attacks

There are some of us who want to blame Islam for Friday's crimes against humanity. The blame belongs squarely on the political left and their elites in media and academia. Yes we don't want to harass our coworkers. However, the notion that this is a two way street is lost on the left.

Islam is in conflict with every religion it comes into contact with. The left and the elites rationalize this and hysterically blame Jews for having the nerve to establish a Homeland on less than one percent of the total land in the region. Claiming Palestinians are an ethnicity is an insult to actual people like Kurds and African tribes with far better cases for nation status.

Muslims don't settle their own refugees. They dump them on the West or leave them in camps. It is better to exploit Philipinos and others to do actual work. Kuwait did settle Palestinians who sided with Saddam when they were invaded.
Stick your refugees in a non Muslim country and agitate for rights.

No amount of barbaric behavior gets a complaint. Deliberately shoot people in wheel chairs is a reprise of tossing Americans in wheel chairs off an Ocean liner. Leave it to a lefty to make a musical number about a heinous crime against a disabled person.

The problem is not nor has it ever been Islam. It is the rationalization of a political elite that are so wrapped up in self righteousness they don't even blink at the most absurd behaviors.

Only one American should be handed a gun and sent to Syris. Let Gomer Kerry talk with ISIS and if he loses his head, he never used it anyway.


Ducky's here said...

Standard Beak rant:

1. The left was responsible for my failures to contribute at work leading to them attempting to fire you was in no way your fault.

2. It's all about Israel.

3. The Klinghoffer killing mandates suspension of free speech.

Nothing to do with the left or Islamic terrorism but the Beak always seems to have trouble staying on message.

beakerkin said...

Funny I suppose you would not be talking free speech if one of your icons would get killed. Making a musical out of a dadistic hate crime is a lefty classic.

beakerkin said...

A mediator did not see it your way. When adult management arrived heads rolled.