Thursday, October 22, 2015


Truthers are communist antisemites. They are fond of demanding absurd levels of proof and absurd inferences that aren't meaningful. Truthers use the same techniques as Holocaust deniers. Then they pretend that these toxic
Agenda driven games are merely logic driven attempts to get to the bottom of the facts.

Art Bell noted Truthers are obsessed and antisemitic. The fact that the Holocaust Museum shooter is directly linked to trutherism is never held against Commies. Unlike imagined links to Fox News of your average shooter these links are direct smoking links.

While the media brings up Trumps birtherism it never gets around to holding idiots like Rosie Odumbell accountable. She should be hounded at every opportunity like a member of the KKK. Truthers should be denied tenure and if tenured asked to retire. This should also be grounds for an immediate psychological evaluation on any job dealing with the public. This is a pathological mental defect attempting first amendment games.


Ducky's here said...

" Holocaust Deniers use the same techniques as Holocaust deniers."
One of your greatest insights, no doubt.

What brought on this latest bit of hysterics?

Something at work?
Something on the Mark Levin show?

beakerkin said...

Publishing on a phone sucks