Sunday, October 25, 2015

Obama and the future revolution

Within thirty years there will be a revolution in the United States. The cause of this revolution is the Hugo Chavez precedents of a circus clown President. The unlawful tactics and abuse of power have ruined the trust of the American
People in government.

The endless fiascos, the abuse of power and total convivance of much of the elite media has our nation headed towards a civil war in the future. The left has gone way too far and the protests against police should not even be labeled as Black. Those Blacks that work or are rational grasp the police have a tough but important job. This is not even the ranting of genuine inner city folks. This is Hollywood hypocrites living in gated communities and Marijuana Marxist goons like Obama and the Ninja Turdle Mayor Dumblassholio. This is bankrolled by Soros and covered up by his
Amen corner in the media.

This is a failed President who allegedly is an expert on Constitutional law failing basics. Ignoring whole sets of laws that he does not like and claiming those he does are settled is imperial. I need no lectures from amateurs on prosecutorial discretion. I have championed that concept long before Obama. However the bar has been set way too low.

The Lerner affair is the grossest abuse of power by the Obamarhoids. The DOJ investigates a former employee and finds nothing wrong in the worst abuse of power in US governmental history. Apparently if you are on the left abuse power and obstruct justice it is peachy. Lerner is not free by a long shot. There are civil suits and whole ranges of behaviors that will make the remainder of her days miserable. As she served Obama and persecuted Zionist groups she should be greeted as Kapo number one and be given the Hitler salute at any gathering in the community.

The answer of Obama to the worst economic crisis is to open the immigration floodgates for jobs that don't exist. The whole goal is to turn Texas and Floria into democratic strongholds so we will be stuck with one party rule and corruption.

The government under Obama is unaccountable and imperial. It will not happen in my lifetime. These abuses of power make anything imagined by Nixon trivial. There is some irony in my saying this. At work I frequently am the buffer between governance and imperial abuse. I frequently fix things off the rails. When people are Kojaks of the mind and run off the rails I can be counted upon for a fair review in the grossest of errors. I have fought for accountability and rational use of power.

When law is arbitrary and power is being abused we are headed for some rough times ahead.


beakerkin said...


Could care less about Islamic or Muslims. The enemy of humanity are communists. Soros is a criminal who has broken multiple laws.

He will be gone soon enough.

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Looks like you lost my post.

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