Thursday, October 01, 2015

Human Nature

Humans are capable of both good and evil.We are imperfect and nothing ever really floors me. As someone who was falsely accused of a great crime, I indeerstand this personally. I was fortunate to have a union behind me. I remember the looks of people who to this day swore I got off on great lawyering. Even though the facts spoke loudly and clearly in my favor some to this day think I skated.

People watch TV shows and think they are all Kojaks or Quinvy. In reAlity actual work is done on longer scales. Thus
I urge untrained people not to speculate when things hit close to home. Even if the fActs speak loudly we must await
The efforts of a flawed system.

We never really know people. We kid ourselves we know Billy Bob up the block. We know this person only within the context of our interactions. We never see the full range of possibilities even with those we live with. Given the right circumstances many of us are capable of anything. We should also know that our justice system is flawed and its biases help those with money and hurts eccentrics. When dealing with eccentrics they frequently can be convicted of things they never did.

Eccentrics are those people who live in their own world. Few of them have the social skills to know this. They tend to overestimate their intelligence and law enforcement has field days with them.

Those who are reading this should view this as general information. My situation remains the same and I Amin no trouble of any kind. The best you can do when there is a cloud in your community is say you don't know. In reality we never know anyway. Innocent men go to jail and the guilty skate.

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