Thursday, October 22, 2015

A strange loan

I lent a supervisor who is journeying home an odd relic. In my wallet is the Torah on microfilm. It was given to me by a Lubavitcher shortly before 9-11. He looked at me and said Something to the effect of danger seems to follow you.
Put this in your wallet. The path ahead is dangerous. I looked at him. He said put it in your wallet so it will go with you.

Days later indeed I was on hand for 9-11. After three initial energy to run a strange feeling came over me. The proclamation of faith in conning of the savior. I envisioned at that moment resignation or sarcasm.

My boss is journeying home to bury his father. He made the choice to end life support. All of us answer life differently. I know that is not my way. When trouble came to my home I threw my body in a way to protect the children. I could have looked for my daughter but protecting my grandaughter came first.

As my boss left I told him to carry the item home. I can't explain it but it has a calming effect


Ducky's here said...

Well this won't have a calming effect.

There will be no prosecution of Lois Lerner per a recent DOJ announcement.

But cheer up. After the autoerotic ass-kicking by the Benghazi crew they need more hearings.

It will either be the IRS or Planned Parenthood.
Either way the rethugs get their butts kicked again.

beakerkin said...

The DOJ should not be investigating a former employee. Endless waves of civil suits should do the trick. This adds to the grounds of post presidential impeachment of Obama.

Soviet justice courtesy of Obama.