Monday, October 26, 2015

The NFC Least

The Division is a mess from top to bottom. The Giants offensive line is one player away from being among the better teams. Unfortunately they can't rush the passer. Moore can rush the passer but is a mess and liable to hurt you with penalties. JPP is a jerk and likely has played his last game here. Ayers is a decent player who can't seem to stay healthy.Beason, Kennard and Amukamara are injury prone. Other than Shane Vereen catching the ball the Running backs are ordinary but Jennings has a heart the size of NYC.

Dallas has a pass rush and a world class offensive line. Romo is injury prone and Dez Bryant is injury prone and disruptive. Written is above average everyone else is ordinary. McFadden can be excellent for a few games but the wear and tear get to him.

Philadelphia can beat you on any given day. They have a decent pass rush and ordinary corners. The interior of their line is subpar.

Washington has some interesting pieces but isn't there yet. I still think RGlll deserves another shot.

Anyone can win this Division.

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