Monday, October 12, 2015

Junk Food Culture

The sad part is that Mom and Pop shops become a thing of the past what can we share with our kids and grandkids. I remember going to a barbershop with my grandfather. The places we went are long gone except for Nathan's in Coney Island, Katz Deli and Yonah Schimmel. Even mighty chains fall but only some of them are missed. I miss Roy Rodgers, Arthur Treacher and Tads Steakhouse.

The passage of brands is not exactly subtle. I tried to fool Cheekie by switching out Pringles for Chex Mix. That didn't work at all and the kids asks for it. I switched from Mountain Dew around Cheekie to Hawaian Punch and that did not work. I tried eating dried Papaya and apricots but the kid hates them. Oddly the kid like Pecans which is kind of silly seeing a toddler munching away on that.

I remember my grandparents and parents brands. It would be nice to sit on a restaurant owned by a family. This is why I love the Greek Dinners so much. Until we get into a new age where the little guy has a chance it's junk food culture.

Did I mention I loathe Subway, Au Bon Pain and Pret a Manger. Only the last one is worth a visit. Give me Potbelly or
a real old Blimpie any day. How many of our memories are tied up in brands. It was good to see my daughter play the board game life. Many of the oldies like Dungeon Dice and Statego are rarely seen.


Ducky's here said...

Potbelly's large club and a mocha shake. Over 2000 cals.
You don't want to know about the saturated fat.

beakerkin said...

I don't drink their shakes. I like their Angus Roast Beef and the wreck. I hate Subway. In NYC you can still see a Blimpie or two. Blimpie was always better.

Ducky's here said...

I miss local color much more than chains

beakerkin said...

The era of mom and pop seems to be over. Everything is a franchise. I miss the unique concepts. I don't like homogenation.