Monday, November 14, 2005

Book Review VS Naipuls Beyond Belief

Reading Naipul is important on many levels. The simplest is that his style is pleasant and articulate . One never gets machine gunned with facts or quips. Naipul is quite subtle and clever with his message.

Islam is the worst sort of colonialism and is used by opportunists. People neglect their own history and create an Arab fiction. No other religion goes to such great effort to destroy personal idenity. This is why Islam is similar to Communism as it seeks to recreate man rather then serve his spiritual needs.

Reading Naipul gives us insights into the ethnic groups thst comprise the familar artifical countries. In Pakistan alone we meed Pathan, Sind , Mojairs and briefly the Baluch. All of these people are legitimate ethic groups except for the Mojairs who were created our of the partition.

Naipul is an enjoyable informative experience and in even a casual reading one will not think of Islam as a religion it is a colonial pathology.


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Gayle said...

Beakermin: Right on! The Islam Religion is a colonial pathology!

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Jason_Pappas said...

That’s quite interesting. I’ve never read Naipul but I’ve read about him. Thanks for the info.

Always On Watch said...

I once read (Timmerman?) that Islam is primarily a real-estate-acquisition ideology.

Or, colonialism, with a twist--what PURPORTS to be religious justification for seizing real estate.

Arab tribals put more value on their land than on their wives. The reasoning? "I can always get another wife. I might never get my land back." This last bit definitely comes from Timmerman.

Mr. Ducky said...

Real estate acquisition? The jews have been leaders in the "God is a real estate agent" sweepstakes.

Anyone got a religion that isn't a tribal pathology?

They are out there but they didn't develop in the Middle East among bedouins.

Always On Watch said...

Religion and pathology are not equivalents. This is not to say that practioners of religion cannot be pathological. And one doesn't have to practice any religion at all to be pathological.

The founder of Islam was certainly real-estate oriented. Of course, the origins of Judaism has some real-estate orientation as well, but more along the lines of bringing justice to hedonistic Canaanites.

Offhand, I'd say that Jesus was not: "My kingdom is not of this world," and all that.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Islam is in the holy site acquisition business. Name an indigenous people counquered by Islamic expansionism that didn't have their holy sites desecrated and built over by a mosque?

That's how it started at the conquest of Mecca and that's how it has kept going. Islam began as a mercenary pact among desert barbarians to pillage trade routes between cultural centers, and remains so to this day.

beakerkin said...

Marx is a pathology but notice that no matter what the subject is the Duck and 167 always bring up the Jews. Antisemitism is a pathology indeed.

How one goes from Renoir to Jews is beyond belief.