Sunday, November 06, 2005

Can Islamo riots happen here ?

The answer in short is yes but they would never last quite as long. The United States and the American people would react quite differently. The American people are fed up with the sons of Allah. Do note that a high number of the bias attacks against Muslims came from African Americans. The inner city residents have no love for the sons of Allah.

The safest place for them to hold their riots are in their enclaves or around college campuses where left wing Anarchists will side with the rioters. Yet more then likely the police will have to save these vermin from the wrath of the American people who have had enough.

There are places today like Jersey City where the Sons of Allah threaten members of the Coptic community if they dare speak out. I have been threatened in Union Square Park by the Sons of Allah for speaking about the Assyrians and Copts. Yet I tell the sons of Allah and the Commies " This is America and if you don't like free speech leave".

It is a matter of time until the sons of Allah execute a Conservative speaker. The question is how will we react . Will we fear for our lives or will something ugly be unleashed. My hope is that we restrain ourselves from violent counter reactions but the Sons of Allah will quickly learn Americans regardless of color are a different sort then the French.

There can and will be small scale local disturbances. However the Police and the American people will take swift action. My advice to the Sons of Allah and your far left commie clowns. " If you think you are popular go out of your enclaves and accademic ghettos. Talk the trash in Walmart parking lots and in the barrios. You will find a hostile reception and may not live to tell your friends"


Always On Watch said...

Personal message here...
Go to Beamish's and see his Renoir.

bum from jersey said...

Its strange. I don't know if what you said is true about African Americans having a high incendence of attacking Muslims but if its true don't you find it strange that African Americans are also one of the largest groups to adopt the Muslim faith in America (this is assuming whe you mean the Sons of Allah you are referring to Islam)?

beakerkin said...

My figures come from the FBI hate crimes statistics. Well over 30% of the hate crimes commited against Muslims were by African Americans.

Outside of college campuses are hard working black folk. The majority of them are very Christian but you do not see them on TV because they are working.

You will see Rev Butts or Sharpton
because they provide good copy. However , the larger community sees
the NOI as a con game.

Always On Watch said...

There can and will be small scale local disturbances. However the Police and the American people will take swift action.
I think you're right on this. But I worry about Detroit, in particular. And those threats to the Coptics in Jersey City bother me.

Many Americans, particularly in the suburbs, are armed and would not stand by and watch their vehicles torched.

College campuses, of course, remain the flash points for most demonstrations, though I wouldn't discount inner-city areas.

Always On Watch said...

Gindy is staying on top of what's happening in France.

See this :
Islam Online informs us that the French riots are just a Jewish conspiracy and that "The perpetrators of such actions can never be Muslims."

Islam Online is a propagandist, pr site. You probably already knew that, but I'm passing it along anyway.

bum from jersey said...

I don't question the statistic beak (well I did) but what I was saying was don't you find it interesting that even though blacks commit a lot of attacks against Muslims they are the fastest growing segment of the population converting to Islam as well (and I do not mean to convey its a huge number just that their rate is larger than other demographic groups)?

beakerkin said...

Do not be fooled by loud voices regular black folk despise Muslims and call the NOI Prislam. I have seen it at work many times.

bum from jersey said...

lol. i will drop it but you didn't answer my question.