Friday, November 18, 2005

VS Naipul"s Among the Believers Iran

The good Mullahs of Iran kick the Commies tail at the end of the chapter. The religious zealots are compared to a tee with the Commies who are put to good use by the Jihadsts as Useful Idiots. They are then brutaly surpressed in a bit of history our own Commie prefer to forget.

The overwhelming presence of the religious police upsets Naipuls Commie guide who admires Stalin. The police come into the train compartment and demand the guide and his girlfriend stop playing cards as it is unIslamic. The irony there about the Commie fink crying about a police state is comedic.

The specter of a Jihadist judge laughing about people he sent to death is eerie. A clear picture of Iran as a police state is apparent in even a casual reading. Old Soviet hands will see plenty of overlap.

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