Thursday, November 24, 2005

Time to reclaim our government agencies

Lost in the Joe Wilson , CIA agent McGovern fiasco is a glaring question. Who let these deranged far left wing narcasistic bufoons into government . The time has come to stop hiring people with Social science degrees in the State Department, CIA and FBI. We have had more then enough experience to know far left types are disloyal and serve nobody except their deranged internationalist bretheren.

The time has come for us to remove a great impediment to cleaning up our Universities of left Gulags. If Government removed an outlet of employment and dismantled the old Bolshevik network we could have patriotic self servants who look out for you rather then seek to be the center of attention.

This is a typical example of PC in a work place.

Supervisor: Inspector Beakerkin how does a woman from country X give birth to three kids after the age of 60.

Beak: Well country X practices polygamy and a younger wife may do the actual ahem "Heavy lifting" and give credit to the most senior wife who has status.

Useless Lib: I am going to personel and filing a complaint over your racist and sexist use of the term Heavy lifting.

The conversation was not directed at or near useless lib but she has decided to be the local PC police. The truth is the vast perponderance of complaints come from a small handfull of trouble makers who almost always have low productivity ratings.

The following terms were deemed in appropriate " use your cocanut" was deemed sexual.
Last I checked a cocanut was still produce do we have any Vegisexuals out there. I do not think of produce in sexual terms.

The use of sports terms like Foul Ball between men was sexist as it was claimed to be an attempt to exclude women and immigrants. Last I checked the coffee clatch could talk about Desperate Housewives a show with almost zero male viewership.

This hypersensitivity must obviously not extend to Joooooos. In the words of McGoverns OIL speech the I stands for Israel. A constant refrain from the insane far left is that Jooooooos have a dual loyalty problem . If there is one group that has a constant history of treason it is the far left. Any sugestion that a group of people who have bombed the US and preach warfare against non believers is racist. Last I checked Muslims, Arabs and Pseudostinians still do not constitute any known racial category.

How long would a crank pushing the envolope with anti black or gay conspiracies been tolerated. Lets see Colin Powell and Dr Rice are black so they must be negrocons. The media would have a similar field day about insane conspiracy theories about a velvet mafia controling governmental policy.

Yet Ray McGovern"s anti semitic crank views never seemed to be cause for dismissal.
Lets see are we back to the lefts usual some victims are more sacred then others game. Last I checked the Great conservatives Howard Dean and Susan Estritch denounced the Israel and the Jooooos had anything to do with Iraq cannard as anti semitic.

Societal parasites and kooks belong far away from National security. Let them work in Starbucks and the DMV . They are uniformly lousy personel who are poor team players. Placing idiots whose sole learning consists of Chomsky and I Rigoberta in areas of national security is foolish. Let them work in the private sector first and
real life experience.


Esther said...

Wow Beak. Interesting stuff. Who knew people were that sensitive.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cubed © said...

You go, Beak! I cling to the hope that our current Ambassador to the (yuk) U.N. is at the forefront of a movement of change. I won't hold my breath, but we all need hope!

Happy Thanksgiving, all; you may want to stop by for the true story of this magnificent holiday. Look at "Thanksgiving--A Grand and Patriotic Holiday."

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Why do we even need a State Department in this age of post-it notes and ICBMs?

beakerkin said...

Beamish you may be onto something

Kyle said...

Is there a bigger joke than the CIA? for many years I heard lefties telling me all about the big evil CIA. Come to find out they were just a bunch of bungling bureaucrats and were shot through with soviet spies. They always screwed up estimations of Soviet power.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Think about it. Say we want to do something about Robert Mugabe's odd habit of being Robert Mugabe.

Slap a post-it note on the side of an ICBM that says "This could have been a warhead. Booyah!" and launch it at Zimbabwe.

No muss, no fuss.

Always On Watch said...

Too many government workers, particularly the bureaucrats, have no "real life" experience. Or maybe they just don't have enough to do.

I think they should all start in the private sector and get a dose of reality.

Anonymous said...

It's time to dismantle the bureaucracy and start putting our trust in "leaders" instead of "laws" and "regulations"...

Plato, "Statesman"...

STRANGER: Then that can be the only true form of government in which the governors are really found to possess science, and are not mere pretenders, whether they rule according to law or without law, over willing or unwilling subjects, and are rich or poor themselves--none of these things can with any propriety be included in the notion of the ruler.


STRANGER: And whether with a view to the public good they purge the State by killing some, or exiling some; whether they reduce the size of the body corporate by sending out from the hive swarms of citizens, or, by introducing persons from without, increase it; while they act according to the rules of wisdom and justice, and use their power with a view to the general security and improvement, the city over which they rule, and which has these characteristics, may be described as the only true State. All other governments are not genuine or real; but only imitations of this, and some of them are better and some of them are worse; the better are said to be well governed, but they are mere imitations like the others.

YOUNG SOCRATES: I agree, Stranger, in the greater part of what you say; but as to their ruling without laws--the expression has a harsh sound.

STRANGER: You have been too quick for me, Socrates; I was just going to ask you whether you objected to any of my statements. And now I see that we shall have to consider this notion of there being good government without laws.


STRANGER: There can be no doubt that legislation is in a manner the business of a king, and yet the best thing of all is not that the law should rule, but that a man should rule supposing him to have wisdom and royal power. Do you see why this is?


STRANGER: Because the law does not perfectly comprehend what is noblest and most just for all and therefore cannot enforce what is best. The differences of men and actions, and the endless irregular movements of human things, do not admit of any universal and simple rule. And no art whatsoever can lay down a rule which will last for all time.

YOUNG SOCRATES: Of course not.

STRANGER: But the law is always striving to make one;--like an obstinate and ignorant tyrant, who will not allow anything to be done contrary to his appointment, or any question to be asked--not even in sudden changes of circumstances, when something happens to be better than what he commanded for some one.

YOUNG SOCRATES: Certainly; the law treats us all precisely in the manner which you describe.

STRANGER: A perfectly simple principle can never be applied to a state of things which is the reverse of simple.


STRANGER: Then if the law is not the perfection of right, why are we compelled to make laws at all? The reason of this has next to be


STRANGER: Let me ask, whether you have not meetings for gymnastic contests in your city, such as there are in other cities, at which men compete in running, wrestling, and the like?

YOUNG SOCRATES: Yes; they are very common among us.

STRANGER: And what are the rules which are enforced on their pupils by professional trainers or by others having similar authority? Can you remember?

YOUNG SOCRATES: To what do you refer?

STRANGER: The training-masters do not issue minute rules for individuals, or give every individual what is exactly suited to his constitution; they think that they ought to go more roughly to work, and to prescribe generally the regimen which will benefit the majority.


STRANGER: And therefore they assign equal amounts of exercise to them all; they send them forth together, and let them rest together from their running, wrestling, or whatever the form of bodily exercise may be.


STRANGER: And now observe that the legislator who has to preside over the herd, and to enforce justice in their dealings with one another, will not be able, in enacting for the general good, to provide exactly what is suitable for each particular case.

YOUNG SOCRATES: He cannot be expected to do so.

STRANGER: He will lay down laws in a general form for the majority,
roughly meeting the cases of individuals; and some of them he will deliver in writing, and others will be unwritten; and these last will be traditional customs of the country.

YOUNG SOCRATES: He will be right.

STRANGER: Yes, quite right; for how can he sit at every man's side all through his life, prescribing for him the exact particulars of his duty? Who, Socrates, would be equal to such a task? No one who really had the royal science, if he had been able to do this, would have imposed upon himself the restriction of a written law.

YOUNG SOCRATES: So I should infer from what has now been said.

STRANGER: Or rather, my good friend, from what is going to be said.

YOUNG SOCRATES: And what is that?

STRANGER: Let us put to ourselves the case of a physician, or trainer, who is about to go into a far country, and is expecting to be a long time away from his patients--thinking that his instructions will not be remembered
unless they are written down, he will leave notes of them for the use of his pupils or patients.


STRANGER: But what would you say, if he came back sooner than he had intended, and, owing to an unexpected change of the winds or other celestial influences, something else happened to be better for them,--would he not venture to suggest this new remedy, although not contemplated in his former prescription? Would he persist in observing the original law, neither himself giving any new commandments, nor the patient daring to do otherwise than was prescribed, under the idea that this course only was healthy and medicinal, all others noxious and heterodox? Viewed in the light of science and true art, would not all such enactments be utterly ridiculous?



Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

If you make it someone's job to fight poverty, he'll keep himself employed. That's the fundemental flaw of social programs. Wal-Mart is the #2 largest employer in the United States behind the federal government. What's the guy at the unemployment office going to do if everyone had as job?