Friday, November 11, 2005

VS Naipuls Pakistan from Beyond Belief a Gem

Most of us read the same sources but Naipul does something unique. He goes to Islamic lands and you get a grasp of the corruption loss of faith and religious scheeming.

Naipul gives us reare insight into the Baluchis. Baluchis are critical in the War on Terror and are most likely harboring Osama. Ramzi Youseff of WTC 93 fame and Khalid Shiek Mohammed were Baluchs on Saddams payroll. Communists agitated a nomadic people into revolting failed to provide arms and they were butchered by the Pakistanis.

The irony is that their Russian allies caused the great exodus of Pashtuns into their land where they starved. Naturaly the religious fundamentalist step into the mix and exploit the Baluchis again.

We also learn of the chaos of the Mojairs who left India for a crime plauged life in Karachi. There was violence in the separation but plenty of Muslims are left in India and there are no Hindus or Sikhs in Pakistan on top of this they are still demanding more land. The Mojairs in the book yearn to emigrate back to Lahore and get away from the crime and corruption around them.

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Recidivist said...

It would be interesting to see if Beakerkin-the-unread ever gets around to plagiarising any of the reviews of Naipuls bitter condemnations of America in the same manner that he so blatantly plageruises other reviews of Naipuls work :)