Thursday, November 24, 2005

A new American Holiday April 15." Get your paws off my wallet you socialist vermin"

I would like to propose a new holiday on April 15. We should use that day to tell the social engineers to get out of my wallet.

Unlike most conservatives I do believe in a basic safety net for people who really need it. This means children, the real disabled, seniors and war veterans. Everybody else must work period end of conversation .

If you want a public assistance check you must work for it. The choice of menial work is endless clean the streets, flip burgers or god forbid work in Walmart. The usual excuse is those jobs are undignified. Sitting at home and sucking off taxpayers is not dignified. Dependency on handouts is a form of slavery of the worst kind.

We must also seriously penalize employers who flout the illegal labor laws. The notion that illegal labor is exploited is 100% correct. Lets throw the book at employers and publish their names. FYI Tyson foods was involved in a big scandal as was Walmart through a subcontractor both companies were tied to the Clintoooon crime family. Words said by Bill and Hillary Clintoooon about Tyson foods conviction of using illegal workers 0.

My heroes are the working poor who go about their business each and every day and are spat upon by the nanny state socialist vermin. Meet Jerome who is an African American who works in a wharehose and security gaurd each and every day. The left talks about helping him but it raises his gas, telephone taxes and if he wants a beer and a smoke after working two dead end jobs we will tax that two. What does the left say to Jerome other then drop dead don't work so hard. Jerome is a man of dignity and doesn't want your handouts or government cheese. Meet Elizabeth a legal Columbian immigrant who strugles to make ends meet as a health care aid. She has a young daughter and because she works her fanny off the libs won't lift a finger to help her. Elizabeth and Jerome w2ork hard each and every day at horrible jobs and neither wants your pity or handouts. They are not bitter or envious of others and they have self respect.

The failed socialist liberal paternalism wastes resources by draining resources from productive citizens and creates a new type of slavery. Welcome to the socialist plantation where you will be paid to live a subsistance life and do nothing. This is arrogance personified and poor people are not animals to be fed a few bread crumbs and patted on the head. I would sooner help the working poor like Jerome then a person that sits at home watching Dr Phil and Oprah.

Self respect is every persons right and paternalistic victimology helps nobody.

"Hey you socialists get your stinking paws out of my wallet. We do not need you or your poverty pimps. How about dignity self respect and hard work. Dignity the feeling I get when I earn my paycheck until you mug me with idiotic social programs. Each and every week I get mugged. No I do not mind paying for roads, military defense but paying for people to perpetualy not work is a crime.The safety net was never intended to be a way of life. Help without any concept of self reliance is slavery and inhuman"


Kyle said...

I agree that we do need a "social saftey net" but it should be an efficient one, which is based upon helping people to help themselves and workfare.
It is necessary because the first time you get some people dying on the street there would be a huge outcry for some big bloated program. So its sort of an inoculation of socialism so that you dont get the real thing.

Greg said...

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