Sunday, January 31, 2016

Time for Jerry Reese and the Giants to bring back the Shrink

The Giants under Parcells made extensive use of a psychologist. It obviously is not foolproof as Lawrence Taylor has some issues. Sadly those of affable Dave Megget were far worse. At least for the most part the players kept the stupidity in line. We knew Will Hikland Damontre Moore were problems but we did not create the atmosphere to help them. Sadly on Parcells teams Bobby Johnson was also a hard core problem and has battled addiction problems.

The Jay Bromley story is my last straw with Jerry Reese. We were told how he is a special man who came from a bad area. Now with the rape charge we see this is pure bull crap. We need to get our players help. There are more important things than winning. I would give back the 1990 Super Bowl to have Meggets problems worked out.

The Giants need to cut Bromley. He is a marginal player. That being said they need to help him put his life together.
He needs vocational and psychological help. No more Dave Meggets or Mark Ingram Sr behind bars. They also need to get
Bobby Johnson on his feet.

Football is just a game. Life is more important than the game. I hope Coughlin does not forget Bromley who probably needs his wisdom more than ever.

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