Sunday, January 10, 2016

Call it volleyball

I want to say that the Bengals self destruction act was so bad I thought I was watching a Giants game. Epic fumbles are part of the game. Sadly some great careers are defined by key failures. Roger Craig was an outstanding player. He
Failed at a key time and that fumble almost over shadows a fine career. He is certainly no Tiki Barber a season killing recidivist. Predictably the whole world had good things to say about Tom Coughlin except for one big self centered Jerk who is still loathed years later.

I am more bothered by idiotic calls on allegedly defenseless receivers. The blow was with the shoulder and not the head. It is real football and whole careers were made on such collisions. There is the claim that the rule changes are designed to protect players. The head problems are not usually associated with Recievers. They are associated with lineman. Probably helmet redesign is most of the answer.

The ignorant observers talk about the hit of Shazier. This was a running player who lowered his head.

Haven't we seen enough Pac Man Jones to predict stupidity. Great player attached to a plethora of stupid behaviors.

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