Monday, January 18, 2016


It is kind of funny when my three year old likes Lawrence Welk because he plays music with bubbles in the backdrop.
I tried to show her the counting part. Making it worse she asked me about Gerritol twice.

The Arizona Greenbay game was probably the best football game I ever saw.

The U.K. Is now officially a joke of a country. I don't agree with Trump but banning people because Muslims and lefties don't like their political speech is a joke. I don't agree with Trump but he has not advocated violence. I will contrast this with lefties who regularly do this. Considering the rhetoric from Mosques and Universities this is
Hypocritical. Unlike the remarks of Trump these are not solely part of internal policy discussions.

There is a pattern Michael Savage, Pam Geller and Spencer. Then the same clods turn around and cry when Norman Finkola or Gnome Chimpanzee are banned from
Israel. In fact in the case of some lefties activities border on criminality. Rachel the pancake Corrie was aiding a terrorist group building tunnels and had an accident not occurred she warranted a lengthy prison term. Bill Clintons greatest error was preventing Peru from executing Lori Berenson for knowingly aiding a terrorist group. Moreover, Berenson remains unrepentant and should be sent to Gitmo to learn up close where terrorists belong. Neither had any business in conducting their own foreign policy.


Ducky's here said...

I'm surprised you don't gloat over Alan Rickman' death for editing Corrie's play. It would be consistent with your mean spirited vitriol.

Where is Gummi Bear watching Lawrence Welk?

beakerkin said...

No I will save the gloating for Roger Wayers. Maybe the wrong band member went to the funny farm. Corrie deserved her fate.

beakerkin said...

There is a difference between a rational position and an obsession. Waters has crossed the line between rational and pathological multiple times. He does not want to perform fine. Harassing others who wish to perform in Israel is another matter.

Michael said...

I'd say that you've "crossed the line between rational and pathological multiple times," particularly as regards the topic of Communism and Communists.

Mike's America said...

Is that Doc Brainwash commenting above? Did he finally get paroled from the loony bin?

As for Lawrence Welk, it just happens to be on in the background as I type. Not that I wanted to watch it but there was nothing else on yet. My grandmother used to like the show.