Monday, January 25, 2016

If you are going to lose. Then make it epic

Brady almost pulled out the impossible at the end of the Denver game. When they are not playing the Giants I root for the Patriots because their coach was here twelve years under Parcells. I am rooting for Carolina on the basis that there GM was from the Giants personnel dept.

If this story is true than Von Miller should cash in on it. Apparently there is a story that he is fined for farting frequently at meetings. I like our boss but I would pay to bring in Miller every time our section chief talks. I am shocked some corporate advertising has not been done. If he wins the MVP for the Super Bowl Von Miller you have won the Super Bowl MVP.... Fart. Don't let this happen to you use product x. Hey guy Disney added the smell of rotting bodies to the haunted house. Wait Von Miller just left.

Von Miller really is a good player. He might be the best defensive player in the game.

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