Friday, April 27, 2007

Touchy about the Black Panthers

It would seem that Renegade Eye is upset about a remark that the Black Panthers were more Superfly than Marxist. The Black Panthers were a street gang that dealt drugs and shook down prostitutes.

Renegade seems my remarks were implying that some members had drug problems. Yes but when one is also dealing and shaking down dealers it becomes another discussion. This is a case of Commies can't take their own medecine. Talk about Iraq and some dolt will bring up Israel and Jooish/Neocon cabals.

The truth is that Communists are oblivious to truth facts and logic. While most of us study history they rewrite it. Thoseof you who cling to myths about the Black Panthers need to start reading Pearson.

Since when do Commies condemn terrorism. It would seem fairly obvious that the Old Bolshevik network provided Ayers and Dorn with cushy jobs. Mummia " cop killer " Jammal was more affiliated with MOVE than his time with the Panthers. Move was loathed in Philadelphia and the Mayor bombed their residence. Luckily it wasn't a Republican Mayor or we would be hearing it today.

The Black Panthers did not have a drug problem. They helped supply and create ones within their community. When the facts go against the party line cling to the myth.
Sorry there but there is no intelligent life among the sons of Marx.

Maybe the folks on the Left Coast will bankroll Super Fly 3 Huey Newton Progressive Drug Dealer of the People.


Russet Shadows said...

Horowitz also touches on this in "Hating Whitey".

beakerkin said...

True but Pearson ends the myths

Anonymous said...

I apologize to the world for any stupid ideas Huey got from Plato's "Republic". From Wikipedia...

Despite "completing" his secondary education at Oakland Technical High School, Newton still did not know how to read. During his course of self-study, he struggled to read Plato's Republic, which he believed he understood after persistently reading it through five times. This success, he told an interviewer, was the spark that caused him to become a leader.

I guess nobody told him it was written in Greek.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I did a term paper on the Panthers in a old college American Politics course.

Free Huey from the crack pipe!

Urban Infidel said...

Is an excellent blog and maybe the only one on MOVE and mumia news. The author is an ex-MOVE member who continues to write about them despite numerous ongoing death threats.

Among other eye-opening posts, you'll see Black Panther Danny Glover at mumia's birthday party just this week. The same Danny Glover who made kissy face with Chavez up in Harlem after the 'I smell sulfur' comments at the UN Security Council in September.

Ed Asner was a big MOVE supporter. NPR gave them air time and the libs went wild. Interesting to note that even moonbat Mike Farrell has distanced himself from mumia in light of the facts of the case. Mumia is attempting a re-trial, his final chance while sitting on death row.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

The story of my Black Panthers term paper is kinda funny, actually. I wrote it heavily biased and slanted in favor of the BP, in part because the university was in enemy territory and I wanted to start a controversy but it made for fun conversations with my professor who turned out to be a conservative militia nut himself an infiltrator in the nest.

I found faith in the Republic that day.