Saturday, April 14, 2007

Never take Romantic advice from Beakerkin

The kid next door was heart broken and he asked for romantic advice. I told him getting dumped is like getting hit in the head with a baseball. The first time you freak out. By time number five or six you expect it.

The kid pointed out to me would I be saying that if Northwind leaves. I pointed out Northwind leaves all the time, but who cares. She always comes back when she is broke
and it is a running joke.

I guess the message won't hit home for a decade or more. There is some truth behind the humor. At least one can count on Earl the cat. When there is food being served he is always there looking for his cut.


z said...

I could compare some women with Earl the cat always there when the goodies are offered, but I won't. After all, I am a woman.

I hope your analogy of love and baseball aren't heeded, or that kid won't ever get past FIRST BASE (ouch)

sorry...that was a little out in left field.

oh, darn. can't help myself!

beakerkin said...

I had no idea why the kid asked me for advice on that matter. He was in tears because he had been dumped. However, it does get easier each time it happens. After a while you get numb.

The poor kid asked me about Northwind leaving. She does this every week or so and I do not take her seriously. However, if I am on the town with someone else I get an earful.

I think trying to figure out Northwind is like looking for a secret message in your bowl of alphabets cereal. I see the message
"hide the beer idiot". Here is another one " gaurd your wallet".

Northwind is alot of fun when she is sober. However, these moments are few and far in between.

Robert Bayn said...

Women are like a good dog, they can be fun to pet and they might even sniff your butt once in a while, but sooner or later they bite you in the ass!

Always On Watch Two said...

How old is the kid?

I could say the same about men!

beakerkin said...


The poor kid is 14 and was moping when I returned. I explained that life is hard at times, but as we grow older it does get easier.

I sent him on a few errends so he could get some spending cash.

Asking me about Northwind leaving is funny. She is always leaving but somehow never seems to go to far. She is nothing more than a diversion. One can not count on the wind and only a fool tries.

Robert Bayn said...

very true AOW, rethinking about it, I probably should have wrote "relationships".

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

No relationship I've ever been in(except the current one) lasted longer than a year. Settling down and being young rarely happens.

Tell this 14 year old that he's too young to settle for one girl and that time spent with one could be time spent with someone else or stringing another one along. Juggling 4 women at a time can be fun, even more so if none know about the other. But more than that can be exhausting. But if he doesn't do it when he's young, you'll want to when you're older. And older women are much harder to beguile and decieve than younger ones.

In the meantime, it clarifies what the kid is looking for, and it's a lot easier to have self-confidence with one if any one of 3 other girlfriends is a phone call away.

Mr. Beamish, retired ladies man.

Warren said...

At fourteen, he's too young for a girlfriend. He should be out mugging old ladies and rolling drunks like his buddies!