Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The VT Killer and the demon inside us

One of the problems with abnormal psychology is the problem of over identifying with
disturbed people. Yet there are common threads that should resonate with bloggers. As human beings we have more in common with each other than we would concede otherwise.

Most of us have a desire for attention, but the question is how to get it. Most of us posses the required social skills to do it positively. Many of us blog to get ratings or be a part of a larger network. We look forward to the interactions and familiar friends.

The VT killer seems to suffer from the all too human condition of lonliness. He wanted people to notice him but lacked the social skills to do so in a normal manner.
On a human level we have all been there. Most of us find solace in a hoby or join a group or a church. For some people even these interactions are just not enough. They seek to be remembered long after they were gone. They commit pointless criminal acts seeking a fame in death that would make their wasted lives memorable.

Now all of us have need for attention and some of build various persona to get there.
Many of you have figured out that I do have a razor sharp wit. I also have a genuine disdain for Communists. I swat them around when they stupidly venture here. They are used to people who take them seriously, like a Sonia. I see no point in taking such idiocy seriously and I don't.

I treat all Utopians to my persona Beakerickles. Commies are humor impaired as well as stupid and their bufoon like reactions make for great comedy. Thus a typical Beakerkinism was when I descibed Socialism for imbecies. " Socialism is theft by a self appointed lazy class. The class excells at the creation of nothing other than human misery and death." Along comes a goon with a Che Avatar apoplexic about being called lazy. I guess he is fine with genocidal. I would rather be called lazy than homicidal, but I am just a reactionry.

Most of the time I am content to do my blog with the familiar circle of friends. I look foward to the comments of familiar friends. Yet for some even this isn't enough.
The VT Killer was motivated by the media attention. He even mailed out a package to NBC and ranted about getting even with rich people. It is obvious the source of that rant did not originate from watching the 700 club. The Ismael Ax stuff was probably more for shock value than anything serious. Some of us have jumped to the point that Islam was the motivator. In this case Muslims like Jews do not tatoo themselves. If there was a relationship it was a disturbed person seekinh to join a growing problem in Islam, not a Muslim who was motivated by the Koran.

There is nothing wrong with living an ordinary life. Most of us work jobs for which we are never thanked and part of a larger whole. We come home to a household ans sometimes we feel unappreciated by those who live with us. This is the human condition at its most basic, that most of us live with every day.

Yet the solution to this angst of human existance starts with each and every one of us. If we go to work with a smile and tell those who share our abode they are important to us in subtle ways you can change that. Now if Northwind were to ever make a kind gesture I would guard my wallet, but it works for everyone else.

The secret to happiness is that you can not find it in others. If you want to find happiness you have to be determined to do it yourself. People like being with other
happy pleasant people and that attitude will help end the lonliness. The vast majority of normal people avoid rabid dogs and depressing people. The solution isn't to paint a fake smile on our faces those times we should be sad. On those moments we should express ourselves but with with the determination to move ahead.


FLORIAN said...

Beak I would say this SOB chop-suey would definitly qualify as what we would call DEMON POSSESSED. His blank stares, his low tone of voice, his alienation from the world, his defaming of other people who have "better" than him. I wonder how his parents raised him? Or was he born with a mental effect? Did they try to get him help?

beakerkin said...

One of the professers even offered to go with him to counseling.

There is little information about his family. Also remember his entire life revolved arount VT. What prosepects would he have as an English major with no social skills in the job market.

However, if he added an anti war rant and some Marx to his rampage he could have gone onto a new career like Bill Ayers.

No doubt lefties would be hoisting his picture next to Mummia. Obviously the killer lacked the vision to think of the possibilities.

Always On Watch Two said...

If Cho was so peculiar, why did VA Tech allow him to stay? I heard this morning that he got into trouble for stalking girls on campus. Yet the adminstration let him stay!

Always On Watch Two said...

Cho hated himself and everybody else. As I see it, he blamed everybody else for hating himself.

The Merry Widow said...

Happiness is a choice, I have chosen to be happy and enjoy what I have, including the people G*D has blessed me with in my life!
Learning to be content is a secret to true success in living!


Always On Watch Two said...

Cho's showing lack of affect is apparent in the video clips I've been seeing on television. Was he like that in high school, too?

Lack of affect is a red flag for mental illness--and for brainwashing as well.

beakerkin said...

The professors who dealt with him saw a desperation type of isolation. He wanted to be noticed but the more he just didn't have the social skills.

The potential of Professors sending students for evaluations is dangerous as well. A rational person listening to the diatribes of Norman Finkelstein could be sent for evaluation.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Ducky is still not allowed to login. No idea what the problem is.

One thing that should be noted is this man was involuntarily committed and still allowed on campus and allowed to purchase a firearm.

Doesn't appear that anyone really cared much about the danger he presented. A danger that had apparently become quite clear.

beakerkin said...

Ducky in a free society we do not mandate mental health care unless above and beyond a reasonable doubt the person has proved dangerous. This person was certified creepy, but how many people who live by themselves would end up in hospitals. The teachers tried but there are limits to what we can do.

In every town there are loners. Shall we round up old men in the park feeding pidgeons because they seem detatched from their community.

It is easy to second guess in hindsight.

Anonymous said...

Beak, recommended by Ducky

jams o donnell said...

Quite right, happiness ultimately comes from within.

beakerkin said...

Jams any chance of a perplexed Mimi picture for Friday?

Ducky's here said...

Beak, the guy was ajudicated to be a threat and mentally ill.

A sane society doesn't seel handguns to psycho's

beakerkin said...

The system didn't work here. I still would like to see more information on this evaluation and observation. I have taken the relevant course work to understand the basics.

I guess all this ranting about rich people was inspired by the Mickey Mouse club.

American Crusader said...

On a large campus, such as Virginia Tech, there will be many who outwardly resemble Cho. Feeling lonely and isolated is fairly common in this age group and so is depression.
So how do you identify the ONE who might snap and become violent?
In reality, it's almost impossible.
There will be finger-pointing and second-guessing, but in the end, I don't think much will change.
They might add some cameras and they might pass some cosmetic laws requiring counseling in specific cases but sooner or later, it will happen again.
And the circus will start all over.

Farmer John said...

Sorry, but this kind of thing will never be preventable. We don't have psychics floating in sensory deprivation tanks filing minority reports. Of course, had there been a few more armed people around...

Redwine said...

It's almost impossible to prevent this: as a rule not the problem kids go on a killing spree.

Farmer John, I can't agree: while over here people discuss mostly local news, this one got huge publicity here. Teachers and professors, also shrinks are often threatened nowadays; sometimes beaten up and harassed, but still a huge difference . I thought it was an American specific, well, it is not. But these children don't have a gun, and that makes a difference. (Actually this is not as much about gun control/permit but the way it is carried through). Finland and Switzerland allow guns to my knowledge, and no school shootings. Again, a huge difference between tiny states and huge ones. Statistics would be interesting, though...

As for the minority reports, we all know what that means, don;t we... I shiver even when I think about that. can anyone draw the thin line between good and evil? I guess not.