Sunday, April 08, 2007

What does the Cult of Angels means in Todays World

Most of you are aware that I am not into theology. Yet the Cult of Angels is something many of you should think about. The cult of Angels is not religion as you or I understand the term. Religion as we understand it has a point of exclusion. The exception to this is Bhaism that is linked to Islam but has also been linked to the Cult of Angels.

In the Judeo Christian perspective there is good and evil. The Yezidi storyis that they are descended from a union of Melke Tawus and Adam. The rest of us are descended
from Adam and Eve. In their version Melke Tawus rebels agains man but repents and given dominion over man by a disinterested God. God in the Yezidiview is similar to Crom in the Conan stories aloof.

Yet we also need to understand that Islam may not be as close to Judaism and Christianity as the PC left imagines. There are groups of scholars that claim with some evidence that Allah was the local name of the lunar God in Meca. The pilgrimage
predates the birth of Islam. Islam like the Cult of Angels appropriates Judaic and Christian themes. However, those who have read the Koran know that while Christianity accepts the Old Testament as is the Koran changes the narrative with
Abraham sacraficing Ishmael.

In short if you are a Christian than Jesus is the fulfillment of the Judaic prophecies. Salvation and redemption are in the Jewish faith but raised to a more central role. In reading Dore Gold's account of the history of Jerusalem Christianity today is quite different from its earliest adherents. Early Christians prayed at the Temple and offered sacrafices. There is even some evidence that they took part in the Bar Kochba revolt. Modern Christian anti-semitism dates from Constantine. The Byzantines were not tolerant of Jews or other versions of Christianity. Their ranks were divided and as such they fell against the Muslims.

It is important to know the members of the Cult of Angels have been persecuted throughout their history. A link provided by Kuhnkat provides a series of massacres.
Less well known is the Yezidi fought along side the Armenians durring the era of genocide. The Yezidi risked their lives to rescue Armenians.

It is important to note that the Kurds were the henchmen of the Armenian/Assyrian genocide. They had zero ethnic loyalties to Yezidi and have participated in the genocide of the Yezidi who are fellow Kurds. Muslim Kurds have often exterminated other members of the Cult of Angels irrespective of if the victims were Kurds or Turks.

Historically Kurds and Persians were among the most tolerant people on the planet.
Jewish and later Christian Kurds lived in peace until some converted to Islam. Amil will tell you with 100% accuracy that Persians have a history of religious toleration. The decline of tolerance in Persia accompanies the invasion of Islam.

The Alawites need Israel to divert attention from the fact that they are not Muslims.
If and when Israel falls the Alawites dominion over Syria will be highlighted. Much of their alliance with the Mullahocracy of Iran and arming Hezbollah and the Iraqi terrorists is to keep attention off the aparthied Alawite hegemony in the guise of the far left Marxist/Socialist Baath party.

Europe is much like Persia in that its benign toleration will be its ultimate death sentence. In Marxist brain impaired Europe the only evils are America and Israel. The petty mindless Marxist brain rot of the inteligensia and moral gymnastics have paved the way for their demise

The question is if the Yezidi are Satanists than the actions of those who commited genocide against them speak louder than their apostasy. It would seem that pointless
genocide based on relgious differences is not something Satanists agree with. They would certainly be superior to their Islamic detractors and to the Cult of Marxist Class genocide.

Another problem with the Marxist far left is their anti history. The slaughter and abuses of non- Muslims are not discussed. Typical of this Marxist arrogance is the Duck who has never read a single Bat Yeor book but wants her silenced. Jews, Christians, Hindus and others who have been abused by Islam need to be silenced, their stories conflict with the Commie play book.

Maybe in one thousand years there will be a Marxist parody of the Cult of Angels in Europe. They will be secretive and nominally Muslim while venerating Marx, Lennin, Stalin, Pol Pot and Noam Chimpanzee.

Beamish in 08.

Now a clip from the Beakerambo martial arts thriller Choke the Chicken Spank the Monkey.

Ducky: Ha Ha I will liberate you by starving you. Death is an alternative form of liberation.

Beakerambo: Me me me mi meep Die me me me.

Mr Beamish: That is not his heart you removed that was his apendix.

Ducky: Socialized medicine. You will pay for this

Beakerambo: Me me me mi Die mee meep slat.

Mr Beamish: No Dung Beetle you have labotomized him.

Ducky: Socialism is a valid economic theory...

Beakerambo; Me me me meep Grenade me meep.

Mr Beamish: You have much to learn Dung Beetle. Take this street sweeper and let us clean up the New School for Communist treason.


Always On Watch Two said...

In many ways, Islam is the ultimate syncretism, with a political goal. Baha'ism and Yezidism well predated the founding of both Islam and Christianity.

Of course, once MTP united the tribes, Islam took a more exclusionary turn--to say the least.

A few groups other than Jews and Christians resisted MTP's syncretism.

I happen to believe that many ancient religions were Satanic in outlook, if not in origin. Of course, I come from a Judeo-Christian perspective.

Anonymous said...

In the Koran, Abraham offers to sacrifice Isaac or Ishmael?

An offering of Ishmael would be like offering a diseased or crippled ram. It wouldn't be his "best". Isn't that why G_d was unimpressed w/Cain's offering and praised Able? Are we to believe that the fathers of Abraham learned nothing w/regard to the nature of sacrifice?

Anonymous said...

I take it that this is the street sweeper referenced?

beakerkin said...

Bhaism is a recent religion as is the cult of Ahmadism. Bhaism and Ahmadism do draw on the Cult of Angels.

Yezidism is older than Islam but much of it remains unknown. It is beleved one of three existing branches of the Cult of Angels that at one time were unified in a single religion.

The Alawites are Arab converts to the Cult of Angels and the Druze have a relationship as well. Outwardly they pretend to be Muslims of an odd sort but this is akin to Judaic Maranoism.


The street sweeper reference is on target.

The role of the Old Testament in Islam is not the same as its role in Christianity. The role of the Old Testament is almost incoherent in Islam.

The Merry Widow said...

Beaker-The entire koran is incoherent! It made my head hurt when I read it, it is so anything resembling logic or sense, it offends and insults my mind and my spirit!
Oooops, now I've done it! I've publically dissed the koran, can I have my fatwahback with spinach and black-eyed peas?


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


The Koran makes sense if you read it in chronological order.

Of course doing so forces the decision upon you - do you want to reject the barbaric ravings of a pedophilic mass murderer, or do you want to serve Allah (by blowing yourself up in a crowd of Jews)?

z said...

You guys hear about some new book called SATAN, A BIOGRAPHY? I saw the author interviewed on the book review show here in LA and was defensive till I listened more.

Could be an interesting read...just thought I'd pass it on ...

Re: Iran and tolerance. I believe Amil and Beak are right; I know so many Iranians who are so sophisticated, so nonjudgmental, so erudite and kind...they're all the ones who came after the Shah toppled. There are thousands in LA. Their women would no sooner wear a burkha than eat one.