Wednesday, April 11, 2007

No sugar coating

One of the reasons this blog attracts so many non commenters is we do not sugar coat the message. I am not here to assuage the feelings of Utopians whose mental disorders are hazardous to the human condition.

Marxists are used to Conservatives who pat them on the head and dignify their genocidal stupidity and history. They do not get that treatment on this blog nor should they get that anywhere. Marxist like to pretend that their intentions somehow mitigate a constant series of disasters. I do not spare Jihadis, racial power nuts and Nazis whos history is just as odious as the common Commie. I will point out a Commie railing at a Kahanist is about as hypocritical as it gets. All of the above would be markedly improved by adopting a less odious mental pathology.

I also call it as I see it. There is a decided obsession with Jews and Israel on the left that has now reached Elmer Fudd like mania. Euros seem to think that talk of Jewish media conspiracies or Insane cabal theories behind the Iraq war are normal conversation. Sorry talk of Jewish conspiracies is proof that you are certifified.

There is also a basic rudeness among leftists. I do not go out of my way to vistit Euroblogs and lecture them who their leaders should be. Euro Leftist seem to think that they are entitled to lecture Americans about our internal affairs and that it is acceptable to utter Anti- American nonsense on an American blog or in an American City. Sorry there Euros but I did not elect Chirac, Schroeder or the airhead one party idiocy in Sweden. Most of the American far leftist basically ape the rhetoric of their European counterparts and are devoid of coherent thought. I think we have been over the Sadam was armed by the American's leftist idiocy on Sonia's blog six or seven times. I guess far lefties think stupidity repeated becomes valid.

I am not here to assuage the egos of the cult of class genocide and treason. If it were up to me you would be under scrutiny and stripped of citizenship and deported if you break the law. Some time in North Korea, Cuba or Zimbabwe should clear all but the brain impaired of any delusions.

Beamish in 08


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

One of the reasons this blog attracts so many non commenters is we do not sugar coat the message. I am not here to assuage the feelings of Utopians whose mental disorders are hazardous to the human condition.

This is the Beakerkin that kicked ass on Moonbat Central.

Welcome back!

Da Weaz said...

So many non-commentators? The only thing you get a lot of are flies and delusions. Just an example of speaking from ignorance, have you ever been to North Korea, Cuba or Zimbabwe? I doubt it, but you want to present yourself as an authority. You're a damn jackass. If it were up to me, you'd get a goddamned brain from somewhere.

Always On Watch Two said...

Marxists are used to Conservatives who pat them on the head and dignify their genocidal stupidity and history.

A lot of Conservatives think that Communism is no longer a factor. This misconception stems from the fall of the USSR.

I note that TMW found Duck's Achilles heel--or should I say "Achilles webbed foot"?

beakerkin said...


You arrive out of Commie central casting. I am not here to feed your assinine delusions about 9-11 conspiracies centering on Cheney. You are a mental health defective just as all 9-11 conpiracy nuts. I lump you in with the Holocaust deniers, flat earth types and other mental health rejects.

Lets see the Weazie wants to know if I have been to North Korea. This is in the same line of thought that a tour to a Potemkin Village or a Commie version of Theriesenstadt is an authentic visit.

FYI my driver in a previous job was
a Cuban who fought in Angola. You commies never seem to ask people like my driver why he left Cuba. My driver spent three decades in Cuba and would seem to know more than you.

Companies I represented had factories in North Korea. The description of the conditions by the QC people who were very familiar with South Korea and China were quite ominous.

Rhodesia was a dreadful and disgusting place. However, nobody starved to death until a racist version of standardized Marxist incompetence destroyed the economy.
All of us have heard the excuses for Marxist failures famines, local issues. The reality is if you want to spread death and misery
just add Marx or the Koran to the economics of any local area.

You may now return to being the Ass
in the assylum in Finland. I am not a mental health worker and not compensated to deal with your delusions.

Anonymous said...

I wesemble dat wemahk!

Anonymous said...

Evidently weazie delusionally believes that HE HIMSELF has lived in all three places... and that's what makes him such an authority.

And I'm a time traveller. That's how I came to be seen as an authority on history.

beakerkin said...

To those people who had my email adress before merely resend your adress in a comment form. I will not post the comment, but submit the new address.

The idiots that have been harassing me have allready acted on their threats. However, there is little they can do without my email address.

Everything is dealt with at the appropriate time and place.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, you had a driver? What was the problem, your license revoked on a DUI beef?

beakerkin said...


If I went to conduct business a driver was expected to be there. He was not my private driver and as a top executive my time was very valuable.

The driver I am refering to was one of several machine opperators I had on staff. I usually had three or four on staff in addition to a yard switcher. My boss would not allow me to opperate machinery as my role was to lead. When I was seriously injured in a work accident the restrictions were tougher. I did protect the driver and took responsability for the accident. It was not believed by the owners of the company, but I protect my people. This is the code of honor that your kind lacks.

Mr. Ducky said...

So your driver was drunk and you covered it up?

I'm confused.

beakerkin said...

No Ducky. We had a 53' foot truck that was maxed out and we did not want to send another truck for two cartons. We attemtped a tricky stunt that we have done dozens of times and that has saved the company thousands of dollars.

The stunt did not work and my kidney was badly bruised. The driver was following my directions and was not to blame. My boss was miffed on several levels, mainly because a top manager is never supposed to do this type of dangerous work.

A good man protects his people at all costs. I explained it was my call and the technique itself was to blame and not the driver.

Nobody believed me, but honor dictated everyone's actions.