Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Reminder Radio Interview

I will be the guest of honor on Winston and Aow's radio show. I am still working on the surprise guest. Maybe we can get a certain ex Detroit Lions fan to call in.

I also have some surprises for next week. My order should be in and we will be hacking away at a Communist icon ala Mr Beamish style.


Anonymous said...

Break a leg, beak!

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

we will be hacking away at a Communist icon ala Mr Beamish style.

Shoot the oxen in the rice paddies.

Always On Watch Two said...

Beak's gonna be a wonderful interview!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is a Detroit Lion fan should be shot and counted as a Terrorist.

Anonymous said...

All the very best wishes to you, my friend. Keep up the fine work. I have enjoyed your blog immensely. Just always remember to never join blogging groups, for there will always be some bitch in there wanting to edit your work and tell you what you will write and what you will not write.

Anonymous said...

Team-blogging is a touchy business. I've done some team-blogging with no problems.

I guess that I've been pretty lucky with most of my team-blogging, though several months back I got axed from one, largely due to my misunderstanding as to what kind of writing was expected from me.

A team-blogging effort must have a clearly stated mission. Unilateral editing leads to bad feelings. I understand what the above Anonymous means!

Anonymous said...

Geller's group blog, Maverick News Media, has no clearly stated mission whatsoever. Just avoid the topic of partial-birth abortion, or she will crucify you to the tree of woe, and then send her panthers out after you for further vilification.

She removed the pictures I had in place, showing what partial birth abortion does to an infant. This tells me that she herself has probably had abortions in her past.

Vilification against me came in the form of attacking me. Attack the messenger - this is called "abortion guilt" and the best way to circumvent abortion guilt is to vilify the messenger about the ugly truth of partial birth abortion.

She harangued me at first for minor formating mistakes, but then would edit my blogs without even telling me about it, which was completely unfair. If it wasn't the titles being too long, it was the remainder of the post that had to be in the other window. She can go $$%k herself.

For the record, I left her blog before she banned me from it.

I sincerely believe, however, that every dog has her day, and I hope hers is coming soon. Titty bloggers are all the same - high maintenance, high expectations of praise, and very low class. I wouldn't even waste my time posting nor reading anything on her sites. No one even goes there, except for her sheeptard disciples - namely one of them who took sides with her that is a traitor former friend of mine. But he is all snug with her, and gives her monthly donations. And HE thinks she LIKES him. What a patsy. THAT alone, is very sad.

This message was sent and approved by Steve Harkonnen. I will come back some day to blogging as the same name. Someone, however, has hi-jacked my former link, and it is NOT me, let me rest assure you. I can be contacted for further vilification, further threats and cruxifiction at

Steve Harkonnen said...

That day has come; I am back blogging again (and posting at my favorite sites) like this one.