Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Communists are not Jews or Americans

Front Page Magazine has a post about the insane George Soros. Soros has always been enamored with Communism from his earliest days.

Communism is a pseudo religious movement that seeks to replace religion and create utopia in this world. The chosen followers are entitled to steal, kill and be parasites on the face of man.

When a Jew accepts conversion to Islam or Catholicism he is no longer a Jew. When a Jew advocates class genocide, the creation of utopia in this world, the erasing of nationality, theft or any Marxist crap they are no longer Jews. In fact being a Communist also means you are unAmerican and should be under constant scrutiny for treason and denaturalized when one breaks the law.

America has gotten way too soft and has not prosecuted a treason case in decades. The Bush administration had the opportunity to prosecute Code Pinko for giving money to our enemies in Falujah. The far left seems to think they can conduct their own foreign policy with impunity. People like the CPT, ISM and commies like Lori Berenson need to pay the price for their actions. Lori Berenson went to Peru and got involved in a civil war. I like Prof Berenson, her father, but his daughter should have been executed.

People like Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkola, George Soros, Faux Rabbi Lerner and Joel Koevell are not Jews in any sense of the word. Front Page Magazine seems surprised that Soros would be working to promote Hamas. Commies who have Jewish blood are thrust to the front in an effort to deflect the blatant anti-semitism. Finkelstein
has made a career as a mediocre hack whose sole purpose has been to obscure far left anti-semitism. He may be denied tenure at DePaul and will move to Europe and further promote himself as a victim of his alleged Jooish conspiracy. The only conspiracy that seems to exist in higher ed is the Old Bolshevik network. Need a job in higher ed well pretend you are a Native American with no credentials and flawed scholarship
and you land a job while real Native American Phd's are fired. You can also land a job after jail stints as a Weatherman terrorist, Black Panther or be a mere relative of NYC noted Communist Aptheker.

I may do another post on the similarities of Jihadism and Communism. The Duck is far closer to Jihad than Jefferson. All he needs to do is trade in his Che beret for a Kafiyeh.


Farmer John said...

I think there's a small type in your last post, beak.

It isn't Faux Rabbi Learner... it's guy-Fawkes-rabbi Learner.

Wouldn't want anybody to misunderstand his true nature.

Always On Watch Two said...

America has gotten way too soft and has not prosecuted a treason case in decades.

Every time I think about that, I get infuriated.

Why has "treason" become a dirty word? Have we abrogated the very concept?

Always On Watch Two said...

Recent WaPo article on Alger Hiss

beakerkin said...

Farmer John

Believe it or not MZ and I have discussed this concept. MZ clings to the notion that Chomsky, Lerner and all these Commies are Jews. This is a severe misunderstanding of what Communism is and naivete on the part of MZ. Someone who follows Marx is not a Jew, just as people who have converted are no longer Jews.

Lerner is a Commie who ha endorsed LSD usage. Perhaps he is correct in that " one needs to use LSD to understand Socialism". This may explain much of why he consorts with professional anti-semites and champions fake indigenous people prone to homicidal behavior.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Asking people to define "treason" and "sedition" in the context of American law and political history will produce interesting answers.

Mr. Ducky said...

Must be a slow news day. Beak has recycled this nonsense.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


How does a secular person retain his Jewishness, but a communist lose it?

Farmer John said...

Lerner has definitely left the Jewish orbit bound for planet-Pinko. About half-way there, I think he got sucked into a progressive Marcusian black hole.

beakerkin said...



Mr B

I am glad you asked that question as it is relevant. A secular person who respects the religion has not renounced his faith.

Communism by its nature is a defacto faith that seeks the creation of Utopia on Earth. The creation of Utopia in this world is a direct renunciation of Judaism. One can quote Trotsky when he was aked to help his fellow Jews to get into the mindset
of these traitors.

MZ is naive about what communism is and his views are by no means reflective of the Orthodox community. MZ was secular up until recently himself.

I have my identity by nature of not embracing an alternative. Were I to embrace Christianity I would no longer be a Jew. Lerner, Chomsky and Finky have dedicated their careers to Marx and as such
are no longer Jews. They use their ethnicity to promote themselves especially Finky who is careful to never mention his mother was a communist. He also leaves out the fact he is a Green and that is mostly a neoCommunist label.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, are you saying MZ isn't a jew?

Now that you are the arbiter, will you please tell us why you are qualified?

beakerkin said...


MZ is 100% Jewish, but his opinions are by no means reflective of the vast majority of the practicing Orthodox. Kahanism is confined to a distinct but vocal
secular minority who are out of touch with reality.

That being said being a Kahanist in your case would be a form of self improvement. Kahanists do not have a record of treason, class genocide or sedition.

MZ only became religious within the last several years. Do note the vast majority of Orthodox people have neither the desire or inclination to lecture other people
how to live. They go about their business and leave others alone.

American Crusader said...

The Constitution gives the President SOLE responsibility for negotiation of international agreements. Pelosi clearly has overstepped her grounds. She is confusing Speaker of the House with Prime Minister.
If treason was taken seriously in this country, the entire embarrassing event might not have happened.
Is Communism a religion? I've always thought of it as the triumph of secularism, the antithesis of religion.
I agree that it is a belief system but that doesn't make it a religion.

beakerkin said...


The eminent historian Toynbee would be one of many who would disagree as would Orwell. Any group intent on the creation of Utopia in this world and redifining man would be a surogate religion.

Moreover, like Islam Communism divides the world into believers and non believers, seeks global hegemony and advocates the use of unspeakable violence to accomplish its goals.

I also want to stress the intelectual diversity within a normal party. There is a breadth of difference between myself and AOW. None of us ever goes looking for a doctrinaire position like Communists do. A communist who diverges on the party line is treated much like a heretic.

Pelosi's action is but the latest bit of goonery perpetrated by the Democrats. Ask Ducky about Senators Kennedy's letters to Andropov trying to under cut Reagan or Gomer Kerry's famous Dear Comodante letter.

Mr. Ducky said...

"Jazz hands" Kerik looks like he's assuming the Judith Regan position.

Can't wait for the trial. Gonna be pisser when "My 3 Wives" Giuliani testifies that his security consulting company was nothing but a cheap front for slurping up Republican pork and no bid contracts.

Hillary's gonna punch his freakin' teeth in.

Always On Watch Two said...

I also want to stress the intelectual diversity within a normal party. There is a breadth of difference between myself and AOW.

No doubt about that. But we do have the common bond of loving America and wanting her to continue as a free nation.

Leftist utopians, on the other hand,....

beakerkin said...


The point is that there is more intellectual diversity on our side of the spectrum. We do have a shared desire of wanting the best for our country.

Yet I want to point out the dissent of a Rob Bayn or a Jams is different from that of the Duck. When Jams disagrees with a policy he sticks to the policy. Nor does he resort to slogans or glossing over reality. Rob has been against the war for different reasons.

The Duck's dissent is anti-American and is treated differently.


Do not be so sure Obama doesn't beat Hillary. He is closer than you think and a Clinton gaffe will hurt big time. Hillary is trying to appear warm and interactive and it will not work. It will be as absurd as John Kerry in the Elmer Fudd outfit blasting Ducks, his idiotic appearances at Fenway looking for Manny Ortiz and the Woody Allen get up at Nasa.

Dream on Ducky.

Hillary trails Rudy in NJ and NY is closer than you think.

FLORIAN said...

Any Jew who proclaims the God-Hating religion of Communism can really consider their membership in their local Synagogue void. It's kinda like saying any Catholic or Baptist who adhere's to red communism can also void their membership in their churches.

sonia said...

Beak, you've been given The Thinking Blogger Award here.

Russet Shadows said...

The problem with a lot of organizations -- from churches to political parties to nations -- is a lack of willingness to define an "us" and a "them". If you can't define yourselves, how can you define who is therefore in your group? Furthermore, once you define yourself, are you going to make sure that everyone hews to the agreed-upon characteristics? The failure to do these things allows such travesties as "pro-choice Catholics", "RINOS" and other "botched jokes". Hah.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


How does a secular Jewish person determine who is Jewish or not?

You seem to be applying a double standard. If you're making the argument that communism (Marxist-Leninist variety) is overtly atheistic, then that would cancel out the religiosity of the communist claim to Jewishness. But Jews believe there is an ethnicity to Jewishness beyond mere religion - you can be born a Jew by virtue of matrilinear heritage without performing any of the religiously mandated mitzvahs.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but I don't see a real difference between what you're saying about Jewish Communists and the real niggah / Uncle Tom dichotomy espoused by the leftist groupthought crowd.


beakerkin said...

Mr B

In my case the worst that can be said is deriliction of duty. My secular outlook on civil life is identical to the vast majority of religious Jews.

Communists seek to erase Judaism in particular and reinvent man. A person who is a Communist has defacto converted to a hostile faith that seeks the destruction of Judaism.

Deriliction of duty by not performing a few ceremonies and miscegnation is a far different horse than advocating the destruction of the Jewish people.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Okay that clarifies. I was afraid you were making the "Obama ain't black because he doesn't smoke menthols" analogy vis a vis Judaism.