Sunday, April 22, 2007

I do not do meme but.....

I will not tag anyone else with the obsession bit.

1 Most of you have deduced I loathe Utopians. I have a particular animus towards Communist who are mental health defectives and morons. We do not do them a favor by treating their arguments in any manner more respectful than Nazis.

2 Obscure books. I like the books off the beaten path that many of us would not otherwise read. Many of us read the same books and our arguments become somewhat stale.

3 Geological oddities. For some unknown reason I enjoy Notches, Waterfalls and isolated rivers. There is something fun about these oddities.

4 Unusual wildlife. I can identify most species around me in seconds. For whatever reason I can not do this with sparrows. A coworker was amazed I can tell reptile species in seconds. I am amazed at the sizes of the local snapping turtles .

5 History I can read books on history for hours. Sadly many subjects I seek like Yezidi, Russo- Polish war and Coptic history are not found with ease.

6 The New York Giants and Yankees.

7 Exotic food I am still trying to get Canada Goose. Northern VT does not have Greek Dinner, Moroccan resturant or even a Kosher Deli. The joke about me is there is always food around. That is why Earl is always around. He was quite mischeivous, but a local fisherman tossed him some fish from his pail. He ate the fish but would not leave the Freezer chest.

8 The beloved Rav Roov. I even chose my pen name to honor my brother. He looked like the muppet and was known as the Beaker. Thus I made my pen name Beakerkin or relative of the Beaker.

9 The NFL Draft. I am one of those draft geeks and study for months. I am more amazed by failures than sucsess. Derek Strait was an amazing stoty as he overcame homelessness to be a four year starter in Oklahoma. He went to the NY Jets and never made it in the NFL

10 Comedy The secret weapon of this blog is comedy. We used to do satire posts and some of them are funny on many levels.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what is more absurd, the fact you study for the NFL draft, or claim to do comedy....


Just messing with you beak.

I don't pay attention to the NFL draft. The Lions will just pick another player that will have success when he leaves town.

Graeme said...

besides you thinking everyone that doesn't agree with you is a "communist," (which I am not, by the way)you seem like a pretty cool person.

beakerkin said...

I do not see how the Lions can mess this one up. They are going to trade down for extra picks my guess is with Atlanta.


It seems nobody is a communist and everyone uses code words Progressive, Socialist, Green, Anarcho Libererian or what ever trend in anarchism is fashionable at the moment. The current fashionable one is still the George fixation without ownership of land.

Rights must belong to idividuals and the second we delve into group rights we are defacto totalitarians. Most groups are artificial constructs and the notion of catering to group rights is abhorent. Nor does statistical aberations imply discrimination.

The truth is everything requires balance. We need basic rules in busuness and clear enforcement. A clear example of this was mandatory saftey harnesses in a previous job. We need to recognize that business on its own may cut corners. However, there will be workers who are stupid. I was one of those stupid workers who never woreone. I set a bad example for my crew, but never allowed a worker to climb without one knowingly.

After I got promoted the person in my previous job mimiced my behavior. However, I was not nearly as stupid as to do these dangerous tasks smoking a cigarette and listening to music.
I told this person to come down and wear the harness and was told FU.

Well the person fell onto concrette over 20 ft. I directed the person not to move and started to fill out an accident report. The person told me again FU and declined to go to the hospital. He went home and went to sleep and never woke up.

I found my actions scrutined but I pointed out that the person in question defied my advice. More to the point he acted foolishly and caused his own death.

Everything in society need balance, but the balance must be minimal and clear. The worker who died chose to ignore the rules as I did. Yet no rules at all would have had dozens of deaths.

Ducky's here said...

1. You hate utopians. Does that include laissez-faire libertarian Randoids?

2. Obscure books? What, the bulk buy junk from Regnery and the stuff on Frontpage. Hardly obscure. Mark Steyn is obscure? Shallow, yes but not obscure.

3 Geological oddities -- Gorges? Love those myself.

4. Unusual wildlife --- Going, going ...

6. Quite a weekend, eh Beak. $ consecutive dongs. A-Rod will never wear a WS ring.

7. Canada goose is very poor eating.

9. Pats with two picks in the first round. Should do well.

10. Comedy --- like the Mark Levin show?

beakerkin said...


1 I have no problem with Randoids. They make some decent points and are not inclined to slaughter people.

2 Most of the circle reads the same or similar books. The latest by Bogdanor is not apt to be widely read. The Bawer book is also not widely circulated.

4 Oversized snapping Turtles and oddities like an anhinga in NYC are interesting. Alien wildlife such as Red Eared Sliders in the UK and NYC is a serious and interesting topic.

6 It is a long season any the Yankees will be back.

7 Bring on the Canada Goose. NYC types hate them and secretly desire to cook them up.

10 Mark Levin is indeed funny but the joke is in the eye of the beholder. At this time of year I am stuck with Beryl Wiesmann in Canada who is more cerebral in a John Batchelor type of way.

Always On Watch Two said...

Is this a 10-things-about-me meme?

beakerkin said...

This is a Meme allegedly about things you are obsessed with. Earl seems to get his food fixation from me.

The joke about the St Patricks snowstorm was if I do not make it tell everyone I was reaching for a donut.

jams o donnell said...

Live and learn. the Anhinga is a new one on me. We don't have spectular countryside nearby but there are places that have always given me pleasure.

I spent a fair bit of yesterday at a nature reserve watching the waterfowl and realising that I really do need to improve my knowledge of British birds!

beakerkin said...

I am certain that if you go to the London Zoo they will have several Anhinga. Also bear in mind that some far Northern species are found here including Gray's Jay.

Sometimes when you see a species in the wrong place it messes you up. Comorants are not supposed to be found up river. I have seen them well over 12 miles up the river.

The Merry Widow said...

We have anhingas or water turkeys, down here in sunny Florida. All over the rivers and lakes. Cormorants out in the Atlantic, plus about 5-6 types of gulls, terns, plovers and sandpipers.
We also have a native little green parakeet that loves grapefruit and oranges, they flock to a tree and 5 or 6 will chatter and eat one fruit at the top. It's a riot, and they sound like one too!


Anonymous said...

British birds? I'm an expert. This is a blue breasted tit. I like the red breasted variant as well.

Anonymous said...

Oooops. Sorry, wrong bird. This is the blue tit.

Always On Watch Two said...

I had Canada goose once. Wasn't much, IMO. In fact, the more I chewed, the bigger and tougher the bite got. Even the dog wouldn't partake of that goose--one tough old drake.