Friday, January 15, 2010


The earthquake in Haiti has created a mess. There are those who point to racial reasons for Haiti's poverty. This is way off as one can find plenty of Haitian Americans who are business owners and professionals.

The problem is unstable governance and top to bottom corruption. After the relief we need to focus our aid in creating real changes. Just throwing money to corrupt politicians has not worked. We should try and encourage the fashion industry to move production from China to Haiti. Just a small amount would create some jobs in a country where jobs of any kind are scarce.

Do note as bad as things are in Haiti they do not sail to Cuba. Haitians may be poor and live in a country with problems, but they are not stupid. People who repeat cliches about Cuba are stupid and should be sent there to live permanently.


Ducky's here said...

I would like to point out that South Africa already tried to avoid its textile industry moving to China.

Couldn't do it. Oh, the blessings of "free trade" to the poor of the earth.

Anonymous said...

Move to Cuba?

Can we get rid of the Castro Clan? And re-establish property rights and capitalism?

Yes? Why, certainly.

No? Not interested.


Hey! Maybe the Hatians would like to dismantle old computers? Shipping would be less expensive and every time a hurricane hits the pollution problem would magically go away.

Warning! Comments is heavily seasoned with sarcasm. Do not take literally.

CM said...

Sarcasm is noted, but I have three computors that need working on.

It was so wonderful to see the past two President with President Obama this morning on TV.

The Hate spouted toward Obama for supposidly created this Drama for attention should begin to cease...he never asked for all this natural catastrophe in the midst of all his other duties.

He was Elected into the mess the U.S. is in and he readily accepted the challenge. I am proud of him for being so young and accepting this huge challenge. The World is watching, how can he be accused of hateing the U.S., but he is, by the ones who really Hate the Government....not the Native Americans, nor the Blacks, nor Chinese, Japanese, nor any other minority that choose to come and live here, but by the White people who have always controlled and can't stand it that its time to share!!!



The racists born in a hateful enviroment by two parents are destroying the World all by themselves, at least their World!

Motoy said...

Beaker I would agree with your assertment that the government of Haiti would have to be changed before anything would work or be doable for them economic wise. In order to do that the US would have to basically support a President there that is both educated enough to run Haiti and pro US friendly. Well the US tried that back a decade or two ago by helping put ARISTEED ( probably not spelled right) in office. In a matter of weeks the Haitians rebelled against the ARISTEED government before it had any real time enough to bring about some good economic and socially beneficial changes and develop inter national trade. ARISTEED barely got out of there alive and when US Foreign diplomats say the Haitian mindset against ARISTEED they turned their backs on him and Haiti and let the coup takeover. No company in their right mind is going to spend multi millions to build a factory there thats likely to get burnt to the ground by a pissed off at the least thing mob of people. It would be about as big of a gamble as trying to build a US factory in Somali.

beakerkin said...

I don't see the gamble is as great as it seems.

1) I would propose building a Naval Base with an airstrip. The airstrip is for military cargo as hurricanes hit this area all the time. It would have a military purpose employ Haitians and generate revenue.

Adjacent to the military base would be textile shops. Customs inspections could be done in Haiti
to provide a competitive edge. The
business district is under US law with taxes paid to the government
of Haiti.

I think the project is doable and it would be popular among Haitians
who want to work. Haitians are hard working and can do any job performed in China closer to home.

Anonymous said...

If Michael Moore likes Cuba so much, he should swap his citizenship from the USA to Cuba... :)