Thursday, January 07, 2010

Amusing Idiocy

I have to laugh at pompous Marxist hacks who proclaim themselves experts and reveal themselves to be imbeciles. Yours truly was compared to Hitler, Stalin and Columbus??? This person has a PHD that is obviously a degree from a rectal thermometer.

An American is a person beyond race. My country has no second class citizens period. Those communist and anarchist clowns who condemn my history cry a storm when their own history is discussed. They are welcome to depart this country for North Korea, Zimbabwe or any other mess. There are plenty of people from those countries who want to trade places.

This particular dullard worships tribal people. It is the standard theft of history by Marxist dullards trying to steal the historic wrongs in the name of Marx. When asked what he wrote when Daniel Ortega butchered Indians there was silence? When asked what he wrote when Hmong were persecuted by Commies silence? So we are supposed to condemn America for original sin but ignore identical crimes committed by Commies in the present. No doubt Junglemom can add volumes about Chavez and Indians in the present as well.

What type of thought is this.

John Wayne Obama???? This sounds like an incoherent Taliban spokesman after a few bong hits. If Obama had a love of American values and respected our traditions there would be no Tea Parties. Sarah Palin as the face of America is a nice thought. This shows disorganized thinking of a person who hasn't been outside a faculty lounge since the Bill & Ted flicks.

Even stating in jest a clearly identified Jewish American "should go back to Poland or the Ukraine" is bigoted. I suppose this phrase somehow different when said by a commie to a real Jew than a redneck telling a Blackman go back to Africa. Of course commies also reveal their ignorance in that those Jews in the Pale of Settlement had a land they revered as their home, but it was not Poland or Brooklyn. Their beloved
Soviet Union described Jooos as a nationality on their documents, but commies find it expedient to say I am merely a member of a religious group now.

The Duck is in bird brained mode when he proclaims I have a streak of violence. Ridiculing Marx and thinking individuals can decide their own fate is not violence. However, he is free to sit at a screening of Johny Cash videos with Kim Jong Mentally Ill or pretend theft of media outlets in Caracas is somehow in the spirit of spreading free expression.

What sort of racist claims democracy and freedom isn't for everyone. Were polls conducted of women and religious minorities under Shariah? Who decided that only candidates approved by a theocracy are valid? How long is a mandate for Marxist malfeasance good for? Why can't Marx compete in the arena of ideas and why do they need to build walls to keep people in? Only an arrogant pompous fool thinks people who flee Marx are incapable of knowing what is in their own best interests.

Onto the more coherent.Dr Yeagley gives a spirited defense of attending the AMREN convention when questioned. He is not a Holocaust Denier, but some have attended in the past and Yeagley's views on the subject are well known in any basic reading. I disagree with the concept of subordinating love for the sake of group purity. Love is too important for a persons life and group rights are toalitarian in nature vs American individualim. He also states without hesitation Christ's message is open to all.

The exchanges show how incoherent commies get when scrutinized. I disagree with Yeagley on many things but John Wayne Obama and Hitler, Stalin and Coloumbus are the products of dementia or intellectual inbreeding. Yeagley as a non Commie is used to being challenged and can formulate a response that has a thought process even if we disagree.


Ducky's here said...

Yeagley the half breed is on the group purity kick over at Gay Eagle?
What's he care, he isn't a breeder.

I don't have the heart to look.

Ducky's here said...

A Jew from the Pale of Settlement would have more European DNA than Italians and most of them have been in the USA at least as long as real Italians who by no means hate Jews.


BEAK !!! That was part of a distressing post of yours over at Stormfront.Lite (aka

What is "European DNA" ?

Please reply, I can't wait to read as you dig a deeper hole.